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IFF looks for organisers for WFC 2021 & WFC 2022

The IFF is looking for organisers to host the 13th Women´s World Floorball Championships 2021 and the 14th Men´s World Floorball Cha... — 25.8.2016

IFF Events 2018-2022 Organisers/Interested organisers

The complete list of coming IFF Events. The confirmed dates (preliminary dates in brackets) and organisers (interested organisers in italics) are updated here, when the decision is made. More information about the events is found on IFF Event pages (go to event page by clicking the green link on the tournament name).


Men‘s 12th WFC Qualifications AOFC

22.-28.01.2018South Korea (Jeju Island)
Men‘s 12th WFC Qualifications EUR330.01-3.02.2018Latvia (Valmiera)

Men‘s 12th WFC Qualifications EUR1

31.01-4.02.2018Estonia (Tallinn)
Men‘s 12th WFC Qualifications EUR231.01-4.02.2018Slovakia (Nitra)
Men‘s 12th WFC Qualifications EUR431.01-4.02.2018Slovakia (Nitra)

Men‘s 12th WFC Qualifications AMER

9.-11.02.2018Canada (Toronto, ON)

Women´s U19 8th World Championships

2.-6.05.2018 Switzerland (St Gallen/Herisau)
Women´s AOFC Cup18.-23.06.2018 Singapore
World University Championships (26.-30.06.2018) Poland (Lodz)

EuroFloorball Challenge

25.-30.08.2018Spain (Madrid)
Men´s U19 WFC 2019 EUR2 Qualifications29.08-2.09.2018Italy (Bolzano)

Men´s U19 WFC 2019 EUR1 Qualifications

5.-9.09.2018 Russia (Moscow)

Men´s U19 WFC 2019 AOFC Qualifications

27.-29.09.2018New Zealand (Wellington)

EuroFloorball Cup

(10.-14.10.2018) Cancelled

Men´s 12th World Championships

(1.-9.12.2018) Czech Republic (Prague)


Champions Cup 

3.-4.01.2019Sweden (Gävle)
Women´s 12th WFC Qualifications AOFC27.01-1.02.2019Thailand (Bangkok)
Women´s 12th WFC Qualifications EUR1 & EUR330.01-3.02.2019Poland (Gdansk)
Women´s 12th WFC Qualifications EUR2 & EUR430.01-3.02.2019Slovakia (Trencin)
Women´s 12th WFC Qualifications AMER 8.-9.02.2019USA (Detroit)

Men´s U19 10th World Championships

8.-12.05.2019Canada (Halifax)

EuroFloorball Challenge


Women´s U19 WFC 2020 Qualifications

30th SEA Games(30.11-10.12.2019)Philippines

EuroFloorball Cup


Women´s 12th World Championships

7.-15.12.2019Switzerland (Neuchâtel)


Champions Cup

JanuaryCzech Republic
Men‘s 13th WFC Qualifications (29.01-2.02.2020)Open
Women´s U19 9th World Championships6-10.05.2020Sweden (Uppsala)
World University Championships4-8.08.2020Slovenia (Koper)

EuroFloorball Challenge


Men´s U19 WFC 2021 Qualification


EuroFloorball Cup



Men´s 13th World Championships

(5.-13.12.2020)Finland (Helsinki)


Champions Cup

Women‘s 13th WFC Qualifications (3.-7.02.2021)Japan,
Men´s U19 11th World Championships(28.04-2.05.2021)Open
The World Games15.-25.07.2021USA (Birmingham, AL)

EuroFloorball Challenge


Women´s U19 WFC 2022 Qualification


EuroFloorball Cup

Women´s 13th World Championships4.-12.12.2021Sweden (Uppsala)


Champions Cup


Men‘s 14th WFC Qualifications

Women´s U19 10th World Championships(4.-8.05.2022)Open
World University ChampionshipsTBAOpen

EuroFloorball Challenge


Men´s U19 WFC 2023 Qualification


EuroFloorball Cup

Men´s 14th World Championships(28.10-13.11.2022)Latvia, Slovakia, Switzerland

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