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Nauka qualified to the EFC Final round, Nizhny Novgorod winner of Women´s EFCQ

Last day of EFCQ in Slovenia included four matches. The highlight of the day was the last Men´s match, where Nauka won ... — 28.8.2011

Nizhny Novgorod and Zirafa Zilina qualified to the EFC Final round

Women´s tournament goes into playoffs phase on Saturday. The semi-finals will be played and the stakes are high, since both ... — 27.8.2011

Nizhny Novgorod, Zirafa Zilina and Phoenix Fireball to Women´s EFCQ semi-finals

Friday in the EFCQ in Slovenia will offered interesting matches. The Women´s teams decided the three teams advancing to... — 26.8.2011

EFCQ in Slovenia

EuroFloorball Cup Qualification

24th - 28th of August 2011

Vrhnika, Slovenia

The PDF-schedule is found here

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Men´s EFCQ East, Group A


SK 1. FBC Trencin

Red Devils Wernigerode

Dunai Krokodilok SE


Women´s EFCQ, Group A

FB Agents
Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30
UHC Weissenfels

Women´s EFCQ, Group B

Phoenix Fireball SE

Zirafa Zilina

UHC Schaan
FBC Borovnica

Men EFCQ East Standings
2.1. FBC Trencin431047-187
3.Red Devils420244-234

Schedule & Statistics

Women Group A Standings
1.Nizhny Novgorod211010-63
3.FB Agents20025-110
Women Group B Standings
1.Zirafa Zilina330020-106
2.Phoenix Fireball311112-103
3.UHC Schaan310212-152
4.FBC Borovnica30124-131

Schedule & Statistics

Schedule & Statistics

Women´s placement matches


28.08. 16:30 Final: Zirafa Zilina - Nizhny Novgorod4-6

3rd place
28.08. 14:05 Bronze game: Phoenix Fireball - Weissenfels3-7
Semi-final 1
27.08. 14:10 Semi-final 1: Nizhny Novgorod - Phoenix Fireball4-3
Semi-final 2
27.08. 16:30 Semi-final 2: Zirafa Zilina - Weissenfels4-3
Placing 5th-7th *
27.08. 09:00 Play-off 1: FBC Borovnica - FB Agents7-2
Placing 5th-7th *
27.08. 21:40 Play-off 1: FB Agents - UHC Schaan2-6

Standings for places 5th-7th

5. UHC Schaan 2 2 0 0 11-4 4
6. FBC Borovnica 2 1 0 1 9-7 2
7. FB Agents 2 0 0 2 4-13 0

*) 3rd B and 4th B has already played in the group stage
and their result is calculated into the standing from the
matches 5th-7th place between 3rd group A, 3rd Group B and 4th group B.

Scoring Leaders

Scoring Leaders All Men´s Matches
1.Sergei IuryevNauka4812206
2.Markus SkippariRed Devils41261812
3.Juha-Pekka KuittinenRed Devils4513180
4.Artem OlinNauka4104140
5.Norbert ResselyKrokodilok486142
6.Gergo VargaKrokodilok485132
7.Anatolii BykovNauka458134
8.Viacheslav GotsulyakNauka484124
9.Mikhail PolzikovNauka484127
10.Aleksandr TaldonovNauka475122
Scoring Leaders All Women´s Matches
1.Brigitta RadacsiPhoenix Fireball548122
2.Karin BackovaZirafa Zilina582100
3.Pauline BaumgartenWeissenfels473100
4.Veronika SzarvasPhoenix Fireball56390
5.Alexandra FerencovaZirafa Zilina57182
6.Mariia KitaevaNizhny Novgorod44482
7.Daniela Lieberherr-HuberUHC Schaan45164
8.Rebecca LudwigUHC Schaan44260
9.Magdalena TauchlitzWeissenfels41562
10.Franziska LiebingWeissenfels45052

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The winner of Men´s tournament and two best teams of the Women´s tournament will be qualified to the EuroFloorball Cup Final Round.
The EFC Final Round is played 5.-9.10.2011 in Rakoniewice, Poland.

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