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Anti-Doping promotion in EFC 2016

The EuroFloorball Cup was played in Weissenfels, Germany, 5th - 9th of October 2016. Anti-Doping values and fair play we... — 19.10.2016

Men´s EFC 2016 All Star team

The men´s All Star team in the EuroFloorball Cup 2016 has been elected. The team was voted by the media representatives ... — 9.10.2016

Women´s EFC 2016 All Star team

The women´s All Star team in the EuroFloorball Cup 2016 has been elected. The team was voted by the media representatives and t... — 9.10.2016

Eurofloorball Cup 2016

EuroFloorball Cup 2016
Stadthalle Weissenfels
Weissenfels, Germany
5th - 9th October 2016

Event website: http://efc2016.de/en/

The EuroFloorball Cup is the championship tournament for the 5th and lower ranked European national club champions and is played with 6 teams for both men and women (12 teams in total).

The EFC 2016 winners - Women: Sveiva IB (NOR) & Men: UHC Weissenfels (GER) qualify for Champions Cup 2017. When the EFC winners participate in CC 2017 they will each receive 5,000 CHF prize money.


Final Standings


Sveiva IB

UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels

Interplastic Olimpia Osowa Gdansk

Fbk Kometa Spisska Nova Ves

MFBC Grimma

Saint Petersburg United

Photo: M.Kuch

Match results - Women

05.10. 10:59 Group B: Sveiva - Gdansk4-3
05.10. 16:30 Group A: SPB United - Weissenfels3-7
06.10. 11:00 Group A: Fbk Kometa SNV - SPB United15-6
06.10. 13:45 Group B: MFBC Grimma - Sveiva1-11
07.10. 11:00 Group B: Gdansk - MFBC Grimma6-2
07.10. 16:29 Group A: Weissenfels - Fbk Kometa SNV5-4
08.10. 09:00 Semi-final 2 W: Sveiva - Fbk Kometa SNV7-6 ot.
08.10. 14:45 Semi-final 1 W: Weissenfels - Gdansk4-3 ps.
09.10. 09:00 5th place W: SPB United - MFBC Grimma5-6
09.10. 12:00 Final Women: Weissenfels - Sveiva0-5

Women - Group A Results & Statistics

Women - Group B Results & Statistics

Scoring leaders - Women

1.Paulina HudakovaFbk Kometa SNV378150
2.Diana IsjominaSveiva492110
3.Kristina HudakovaFbk Kometa SNV373104
4.Liubov SerebriakovaSPB United364100
5.Magdalena TauchlitzWeissenfels45380
6.Erica HellbergSveiva43580
7.Oda LangakerSveiva44370
8.Klara GrossovaFbk Kometa SNV35160
9.Julie GidskeSveiva44260
10.Miriam BukovaFbk Kometa SNV33360

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Goalkeeper Statistics - Women

1.Dominika MarzecGdansk345983.33
2.Jean FischerMFBC Grimma330683.33
3.Malin DahlerSveiva4491083.05
4.Indra ReckWeissenfels4631580.76
5.Julia-Lucia BranMFBC Grimma3491675.38
6.Jana DupcakovaFbk Kometa SNV3481872.72
7.Mariia KoganSPB United3622868.88

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Final Standings


UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels

SK Lielvarde

SK Link/Saku

Tunet IBK

TV Lilienthal

FBC Spartak Moscow

Photo: M.Kuch

Match Results - Men

05.10. 13:44 Group B: Tunet IBK - SK Link Saku6-9
05.10. 19:15 Group A: Weissenfels - Spartak Moscow6-5
06.10. 16:29 Group B: TV Lilienthal - Tunet IBK3-14
06.10. 19:14 Group A: SK Lielvarde - Weissenfels4-3
07.10. 13:45 Group A: Spartak Moscow - SK Lielvarde2-7
07.10. 19:12 Group B: SK Link Saku - TV Lilienthal6-5 ps.
08.10. 11:44 Semi-final 1 M: SK Lielvarde - Tunet IBK8-6
08.10. 17:29 Semi-final 2 M: SK Link Saku - Weissenfels3-8
08.10. 20:14 5th place M: Spartak Moscow - TV Lilienthal4-9
09.10. 15:00 Final Men: Weissenfels - SK Lielvarde8-6

Men´s Group A Results & Statistics

Men´s Group B Results & Statistics

Scoring leaders - Men

1.Ole Mossin OlesenTunet IBK357120
2.Anssi SoiniWeissenfels49090
3.Atis BlindsSK Lielvarde47290
4.Ole Martin JanssonTunet IBK37290
5.Toms AkmenlauksSK Lielvarde44482
6.Janos BrokerTV Lilienthal34482
7.Kristjan PuuSK Link Saku36172
8.Jaakko AkmanTV Lilienthal34370
9.Max BlankeWeissenfels46060
10.Mark-Oliver BotheTV Lilienthal34262

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Goalkeeper Statistics - Men

1.Janis BramanisSK Lielvarde416288.88
2.Siim StokkebySK Link Saku3531182.81
3.Lars HillarSK Link Saku324582.75
4.Tobias KostlerWeissenfels4731880.21
5.Janis SalcevicsSK Lielvarde4631778.75
6.Kristoffer OstergrenTunet IBK3601975.94
7.Nils HallerstedeTV Lilienthal3722375.78
8.Fedor IgnatovSpartak Moscow3552172.36

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