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Coach True - Anti-Doping learning tool for coaches

Who Wants to Play True? A fun way for coaches to test their knowledge of anti-doping issues for coaches of elite-level athletes.

CoachTrue - a computer based anti-doping learning tool
In order to cater to the various learning styles and demanding schedules of coaches, WADA has created a award winning CoachTrue anti-doping learning tool. By signing in at http://coachtrue.wada-ama.org/login/index.php you can test and learn about different anti-doping issues.

The following features are included in the elite-level module of CoachTrue:

Allows coaches to identify current knowledge base

A series of presentations with voice-overs that provide essential information on the following topics:
1. Health consequences of doping
2. Accountability
3. Results management
4. Therapeutic use exemptions
5. Whereabouts
6. Decision making

Scenario-Based Activities:
Practical application of acquired knowledge to possible real-life scenarios.

Post-Test & Certification:
Once coaches have completed all required elements, including a final assessment of learning (post-test), they are awarded a certificate of completion.

Click on the image to access the CoachTrue platform:

Coach True
More information about IFF´s anti-doping program from the IFF Anti-doping website and from the WADA CoachTrue website.

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