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IFF Central Board meeting 6/2016

Place: Hotel Radisson Blu Latvija

Tomas Eriksson, President
Monica Bakke
Jörg Beer
Stephen King
Martin Klabere
Carlos Lopez
Kimmo Nurminen
Thorbjørn Ovedal
Ron Spence
Filip Suman

John Liljelund, Secretary General


§ 1. Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting at 09:00 and especially welcomed the new CB members Mr. Kimmo Nurminen, Mr. Thorbjørn Ovedal and Mr. Ron Spence and asked the new members to shortly introduce themselves and all the CB members made a short introduction of themselves as well.
Mr. Eriksson gave a general overview of how the CB operates and how the inaugural meeting will be conducted. The CB has the strategical responsibility and the operational and tactical issues are for the IFF Office to handle.

§ 2. Approval of the agenda

Mr. Eriksson explained how the Agenda has been built for the CB inaugural meeting. Mr. Eriksson proposed to approve the agenda.

CB decided: to approve the Agenda

§ 3. Minutes from the CB meeting:
05/2016 in Riga, Latvia (09.12.2016),
Mr. Eriksson proposed that the minutes from the last meetings are to be scrutinized, approved and put ad acta in the next meeting of the CB.

CB decided: to approve the proposal

§ 4. Appointment of Secretary General and the Office
Mr. Eriksson informed that in accordance with the agreement made between the IFF and the SSBL (Finnish Floorball Federation) concerning the employment of the IFF General Secretary, Mr. Liljelund, based on this the IFF has the possibility to terminate the contract and inform in writing to the SSBL latest on the 30th of December 2016 about it. In this case there is a six months‘ notice to the signed agreement.

Mr. Eriksson proposed to re-elect Mr. Liljelund as IFF Secretary General for the upcoming four year period 2017 - 2020 and to keep the IFF Office in Helsinki for the four coming years, based on the agreement made with the Finnish federation in 2005 and renewed in 2016.

Mr. Liljelund expressed that he is ready to continue as the IFF secretary general and elaborated on a number of issues, which has been effecting his decision making process to continue.

Mr. Ovedal asked what the operational questions are and Mr. Liljelund explained of some of them.

The CB expressed their gratitude that Mr. Liljelund is willing to continue in his position, as he and the Office has done a good job in the last years.

CB decided: To approve the appointment of the secretary general and the location of the Office in Helsinki, Finland.

§ 5. Constitution of the CB
According to the IFF Statutes (Art. 34) the CB shall among itself appoint a Vice President and a Treasurer for the mandate period. Mr. Eriksson proposed that Mr. Filip Suman shall be re-elected as the Vice President and Mrs. Monica Bakke shall be re-elected as Treasurer for IFF.

CB decided: To approve the appointment of Mr. Filip Suman as Vice President and Ms. Monica Bakke as Treasurer

§ 6. Constitution of the Executive Committee (ExCo)
According to the IFF Statutes (Art. 39) the CB shall elect an Executive Committee consisting of the president, the vice president and the secretary general and two members of the CB.
Mr. Eriksson proposed to constitute the IFF ExCo, consisting of the IFF President Mr. Tomas Eriksson as chairman, the IFF vice president Mr. Filip Suman, IFF CB member Mr. Stephen King IFF CB member, IFF Treasurer Mrs. Monica Bakke and the IFF secretary general Mr. Liljelund as members. The secretary general will also act as the secretary of the ExCo.

CB decided: To approve the proposal and elect the ExCo as proposed

§ 7. Right to sign for the IFF and right to use the IFF bank account
Mr. Liljelund proposed that the right to sign in the name of the IFF shall be given to the President Mr. Tomas Eriksson single-handedly, and to the vice president and the Treasurer always two persons together in any possible combination with either the president or the secretary general.

Mr. Eriksson proposed that the IFF secretary general Mr. Liljelund has the right to sign in the name of IFF single-handedly in any issue of daily business or together in combination with the President, vice president or the treasurer.

The secretary general proposed that Mr. Tomas Eriksson, Mr. Stefan Kratz and Mr. John Liljelund shall have the right to use the IFF bank account 559200-11 at Credit Suisse, CH-8702 Zollikon, Switzerland.

CB decided: To approve the proposals.

§ 8. Decision of Legal Seat
Mr. Eriksson proposed that the IFF Office will investigate how to organise the registration in Switzerland during the coming two years, in accordance with the decision of the IFF General Assembly 2016 in Riga, Latvia.

Mr. Liljelund explained the present situation of the registration of the IFF in Switzerland.

CB decided: To approve the proposals.

§ 9. Constitution of the Committees and Functions
Mr. Eriksson reported that the previous IFF CB has asked the member associations to nominate candidates to the IFF committees until the 30th of November 2016. The nominations were asked for the Entourage Committee, the Medical Committee, the Rules and Competition Committee and the Referee Committee and 20 member federations nominated persons to the committees (Appendix 1)

The President Mr. Eriksson proposed that the CB would in this meeting constitute these four committees and elects the chairmen for these and in addition give the task to the elected Committee chairmen to make a proposal for the composition of their respective committee by the 15th of January 2016.

Further Mr. Eriksson informed that the role of the IFF CB is to take strategic decisions in order to direct the path of the federation and fulfil the objectives given in the Plan of Action.
The Office is left to deal with the organisation of the operative actions. Based on this Mr. Eriksson proposed that each CB member shall have one field of, which they are responsible for in the CB for the upcoming four year period. Each CB member is responsible for preparing a working session for the CB ones a year. The CB member tasks are proposed as follows:

Mr. Tomas Eriksson, president - International relations
Mr. Filip Suman, vice president - NOC relations
Ms. Monica Bakke, treasurer - IFF Licence system 2.0
Mr. Stephen King, AOFC Senior vice president - Lobby work/Asia-Oceania dev.

Mr. Jörg Beer - Marketing
Mr. Martin Klabere - RACC
Mr. Carlos Lopez - Latin America development
Mr. Kimmo Nurminen - Champions Cup
Mr. Thorbjørn Ovedal - West-European development
Mr. Ron Spence - North American development

Mr. Klabere thinks it vital that we constitute the CB like proposed, it is vital that all have task to work with. History has proven that there will be new things coming up and things might change.

Ms. Bakke felt that it is important that there are an office person in all the committees. Mr. Eriksson answered that the secretary general will be responsible for this.

Mr. Suman expressed that he understands that it is very difficult to build together the puzzle.

Mr. Lopez agreed that the proposal is good and it is important to have the representation of the Office in the committees.

Mr. Ovedal agrees that it is very important that all CB members have a daily task to be responsible for. Mr. Ovedal thinks that the representation of the IFF is a little out of synch among the members and he thinks there needs to be more representation from the IFF towards the members. Mr. Ovedal expressed that the Danish federation will be able to get some funds to run international development and is willing to discuss how these funds can be used . Mr. Eriksson thanked for the possibility and expressed that this will be coordinated accordingly.

Mr. King felt that the CB should focus on the international development on a strategic level.

Mr. Beer felt that it was very hard to add any new to the discussion, as all important points have been mentioned.

Mr. Nurminen is agreement with the proposals and asked for some of the clarifications of the role of the Champions Cup responsibility.

Mr. Spence informed that the challenge for North America is that there is not a club structure and the sport is growing in different ways than in Europe.

In additions to this the Office will handle the following functions: Development function (Mr. Veli Halonen), Equality function (Ms. Sarah Mitchell), Information function (Ms Minna Nurminen), Marketing function (Mr. Milan Rantakari), Material function (Mr. John Liljelund), ParaFloorball function (Mr. Minna Nurminen).

Furthermore the constitution of the members shall be done by a per capsulam CB meeting by the 21th of January, based on the proposals of the committee/function chairman, which are to handed in by the 15th of January.

Mr. Eriksson further proposed to elect the following chairman‘s for the IFF Committees. The secretary general will appoint the officer in charge from the office side until the 15th of January.

Entourage Commission: Mr. Stephen King, Australia
Referee Committee: Mr. Johan Råsbrink, Sweden
Rules and Competition Committee: Mr. Martin Klabere, Sweden
Medical Committee: Mr. Walter O. Frey, Switzerland

Mr. Eriksson further informed that the IFF Athletes Committee chair will be elected after the Athletes Commission election of the Women representatives in the Women‘s WFCQ 2017.

Mr. Eriksson concluded, supported by Mr. Beer that even if a CB member has a specific task, all CB members are responsible for the general development of the Sport.

CB decided: To approve the proposals and elect the committee chairmen as proposed. In addition the CB members were given some specific tasks.

§ 10. Next meeting
The next CB meeting will be held during the week-end of 8th to 9th of April. The preliminary plan for 2016, looks like this:

20.01. Per Capsulam meeting to constitute the IFF Committees
08.-09.04. First CB meeting and seminar in Spain – (Workshop: WFC learnings and CB works)
29.07. CB meeting in connection to the IWGA World Games, Wroclaw, Poland
16.-17.09. CB meeting in Finland
07.-09.12. CB meeting in connection to the WFC 2013 in Bratislava, Slovakia
- Associations meeting

§ 11. Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson closed the meeting at 11:00 thanking the participants for a good and efficient meeting and wishing everybody a good end of the year.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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