One World — One Ball
IFF Central Board meeting 6/2013

Place: Decision per capsulam over email

Tomas Eriksson President
Filip Suman Vice President
Monica Bakke Treasurer
Daniel Bollinger
Risto Kauppinen
Stephen King
Magdalena Kotikova ATC Chair
Carlos Lopez
Johanna Mikkola
Oliver Stoll
Martin Wolmhed

John Liljelund Secretary General


§ 1. Approval of the Each One – Teach One Action Plan
Mr. Liljelund explained that the process which started during the Associations Meeting in St.
Gallen in 2011 will now move into its final phase. The Each One Teach One thinking resulted
in the successful Associations Audit, which outcome and results the CB has now studied and
analysed during the whole year.

Based on these analyses the CB has first defined the Key Factors for change to enhance the
development, built a series of Next Step Solutions for these Key Factors and then based on
the material made a number of conclusions and are now to approve the action points to deal
with these issues.

Mr. Kauppinen proposes that the CB approves the proposal of the working group and starts
the preparations for the IFF Associations meeting 2013 accordingly.

Mr. Stoll expressed that he is in line with this proposal and believes that with a little help from
the member associations and Floorball enthusiasts all over the world we will be able to fulfill
the expectations, defined in the table. The Each One - Teach One proposal is okay from his
point of view and the other proposals for cooperating countries make sense to me.

Mr. King stated that he is happy to take on the allocated responsibilities and as has been
discussed previously he believe that this is a sound approach to build a platform of actions
now. There has been a vast discussion over the last year or so, on the different strategies and
approaches, which we need to push into actions to make it happen. The objective is that by
2015 we have a clear number of activities started and are working towards successful results
for Floorball.

Mr. Eriksson gave his personal opinion, in which he pointed out that he is also in agreement
with the proposal, as Mr. King pointed out that we now going from words to actions. In
addition Mr. Eriksson stated that the proposal has been well prepared by the group.

Mr. Lopez felt that the ideas brought forward have been well elaborated into the plan and
therefore agrees to the plan and action list. He feels that all CB members need to do their best
to complete their tasks.

Mr. Wolmhed agrees to the plan and feels that the proposed actions will bring the IFF to a
new level.

Mr. Suman also agrees to the plan and finds that the timing of the different tasks is correctly

Ms. Kotikova is also in agreement with the proposal and finds the proposed actions to be as
discussed before.

Ms. Mikkola is of the opinion that the proposal looks really great and is game on with
everything as it has been laid out. Ms. Mikkola looks forward to work with the CB and the
guidance of the IFF Office.

Mr. Bollinger is in agreement with the proposal and looks forward to the implementation of it at
the IFF Associations meeting.

Ms. Bakke is also in agreement with the made proposal.

Mr. Eriksson concluded that all the CB members are in unison with the made proposal and the
CB can therefore approve the proposal and put it forward to the IFF Associations meeting.

The CB decided: To approve the proposal and put it forward to the IFF Associations meeting
in Ostrava, Czech Republic on the 13th to 14th of December.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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