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IFF Central Board meeting per capsulam 1/2019

Place: Decision per capsulam over email

Tomas Eriksson, President
Filip Suman, Vice President
Monica Birdal, Treasurer
Jörg Beer
Stephen King
Martin Klabere
Carlos Lopez
Kimmo Nurminen
Lidwien Reehuis
Ron Spence

John Liljelund Secretary General


§ 1. Replacement of the Danish member of the IFF CB
As Mr. Thorbjörn Ovedal resigned in writing, on the 25th of November 2018, from his position as an elected IFF Central Board member, the IFF President Mr. Eriksson and the secretary general started consultations with Danish Floorball, in accordance with the IFF Statutes (Art 33.4.). The CB approved the resignation of Mr. Ovedal in its meeting on the 7th of December 2018.

In the discussions with the President of Floorball Denmark, Mr. Carsten Provstgaard Sörensen the initial response was that Floorball Denmark probably will not seek to replace the IFF CB member.

On the 20th of January 2019, IFF received a letter from Floorball Denmark‘s president Mr. Carsten Provstgaard Sörensen, in which he informed that the Central Board of Floorball Denmark as decided to apply to replace Mr. Ovedal with Mr. Steen Houman as the representative from Denmark, to be co-opted by the IFF CB.

Mr. Houman (48 years) has been involved with Floorball since 1995, both as a player and coach in Denmark. From 2002 – 2009, he worked as an employee for the Danish Floorball Federation as a development consultant. He has also been the Chair of the Special Olympics Sports Resource Team for Floorball, since 2008.

Mr. Eriksson is based on the Article 33.4. of the IFF Statutes proposing to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Mr. Ovedal for the remaining time of the term of office until the IFF General Assembly 2020, by co-opting Mr. Steen Houman as the replacement based on the proposal of Floorball Denmark.

The CB decided to co-opt Mr. Steen Houman as the replacement for Mr. Thorbjörn Ovedal as an IFF member for the remainder of the term of office until the IFF General Assembly 2020.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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