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IFF Central Board meeting 1/2013

Place: Decision per capsulam over email

Tomas Eriksson, President
Filip Suman, Vice President
Monica Bakke, Treasurer
Daniel Bollinger
Risto Kauppinen
Stephen King
Magdalena Kotikova, ATC Chair
Carlos Lopez
Johanna Mikkola
Oliver Stoll
Martin Wolmhed

John Liljelund, Secretary General


§ 1. Constitution of the CB Committees

The CB decided during its last meeting, on the 9th of December 2012, to return to the constitution of the members of the Medical Committee (MC), the Referee Committee (RC) and the Rules and Competition Committee (RACC) based on the proposals made by the committees elected chairmen‘s.

The CB decided to constitute the committees in a per capsulam meeting on the 14th of January 2013 for the four year period 2013 – 2016.

a) Medical Committee

The MC chairman, Dr. Walter O. Frey proposes to nominate the following members to the IFF Medical Committee, based on the need of having medical doctors who can handle TUE‘s and decide upon medical issues:

Dr. Tiina Nylander (Finland) Vice chair – re-election
Dr. Lars-Erik Bartels (Denmark) – re-election
Dr. Patricia Wallace (Australia) – re-election
Dr. Liene Kozlovska (Latvia) – re-election

The need of having a large committee has decreased due to the change of the TUE applications.

The CB decided: To constitute the MC with the following members; Dr. Tiina Nylander vice-chair, Dr. Lars-Erik Bartels, Dr. Liene Kozlovska and Dr. Patricia Wallace.

b) Referee Committee

The RC chairman, Mr. Klaus Koskela proposes to nominate five members to the IFF Referee Committee, in accordance with the RC plan of actions stipulation that the RC should consist
of the chairman plus 5 members. The proposal is based on the need to have as broad a representation as possible and a need of a good knowledge of English language. The proposal is built to reflect the international world of Floorball, based on gender and geography. The nomination for the RC is:

Mr. Lukas Gyger (Switzerland) – vice chair - re-election
Mr. Erik Bilde (Denmark) – new
Mr. Pierre Boudville (Singapore) – re-election
Mr. Radek Hora (Czech Rep.) – new
Mr. Mats Öster (Sweden) – new

Further Mr. Koskela proposes to nominate Mr. Sergiy Mironov (Ukraine) - new as substitute member.

The CB decided: To constitute the RC with the following members; Mr. Lukas Gyger vice-chair, Mr. Erik Bilde, Mr. Pierre Boudville, Mr. Radek Hora and Mr. Mats Öster and to elect Mr. Sergiy Mironov as a substitute member.

c) Rules and Competition Committee

The RACC chairman, Mr. Martin Wolmhed proposes to nominate the following members and substitute members to the IFF Rules and Competition Committee, based on their experience from previous IFF jury work and RACC workshops. Mr. Wolmhed stressed that it is good to have such a big number of nominations and reminded that there is great need for Jury persons in the IFF events, so that the other nominated, if they are able to speak English and have some related experience, will as far as possible be used as jury members at IFF events during the period.

Mr. Ari Vehniäinen (Finland), vice chair – re-election
Mr. Marek Budzinski (Poland) – re-election
Mr. Jan Jirovsky (Czech Rep.) – new
Mr. Michael Lachenmaier (Germany) - new
Mrs Heidi Leb (Austria) - re-election
Mr. Sani Mohd. Salim (Singapore) – re-election
Mr. Beat Wullschleger (Switzerland) – re-election

Further Mr. Wolmhed proposes to nominate the following persons as substitute members:

Mr. Victor de Bruin (the Netherlands)
Mr. Andris Dzenis (Latvia)
Mr. Ramezanali Davalo (Iran)
Mr. Teo Turay (Slovakia)
Mr. Tamuz Hidir (Ukraine)

The Competition Department proposes that Ms. Zane Klabere (Latvia), Mr. Esko Kyyhkynen (Finland) and Mr. Magnus Nilsson (Sweden) shall be added to the list of Jury members.

The CB decided: To constitute the RACC with the following members; Mr. Ari Vehniäinen vice chair, Mr. Marek Budzinski, Mr. Jan Jirovsky, Mr. Michael Lachenmaier, Mrs. Heidi Leb, Mr. Sani Mohd. Salim and Mr. Beat Wullschleger and the following substitute members Mr. Victor de Bruin, Mr. Andris Dzenis, Mr. Ramezanali Davalo, Mr. Teo Turay and Mr. Tamuz Hidir. Further Ms. Zane Klabere, Mr. Esko Kyyhkynen and Mr. Magnus Nilsson will act as Jury members.

The CB further decided that the committees shall come up with a task description of the committee and a work-description of its members until the 1st of March, 2013.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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