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IFF Central Board meeting 6/2010 11.12.2010

Place: Hotel Seurahuone, Helsinki, Finland

Tomas Eriksson President
Monica Bakke
Greg Beaudin
Hans Botman
Risto Kauppinen
Stephen King
Filip Suman
Lars-Gunnar Tjärnquist
Edwin Wiedmer

Merita Bruun Information Manager
John Liljelund Secretary General

Oliver Stoll


§ 1. Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson opened the constitution meeting of the newly elected IFF Central Board at 09.30 and greeted the new CB members welcome to the IFF CB and conveyed the message that the IFF has a number of major tasks in front of us to continue the positive development. Mr. Eriksson informed that each CB member shall have their own field of responsibility. The basis for the work is the Plan of Action for 2011-2012 approved by the IFF General Assembly in Helsinki, Finland.

The CB members made a short introduction of themselves and Mr. Eriksson informed that Mr. Oliver Stoll was not able to participate due to the flight problems..

§ 2. Approval of the agenda

Mr. Eriksson concluded that there was three updated appendixes, namely the
Appendix 1, Minutes from the IFF CB Meeting 05/2010 in Helsinki
Appendix 2, Letter from the Finnish federation concerning the IFF Head office
Appendix 3, Nomination of candidates for the IFF CB Committees for 2011-2012

The CB decided: To include the proposed appendixes to agenda and approve the agenda.

§ 3 Minutes from the CB meeting:

05/2010 in Helsinki, Finland (09.12.2010), (Appendix 1),

The minutes from the last meetings were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.

§ 4. Appointment of Secretary General and the Office

Mr. Eriksson informed that in accordance with the agreement made between the IFF and the SSBL (Finnish Floorball Federation) concerning the employment of the IFF General Secretary, Mr. Liljelund, IFF has the possibility to terminate the contract and inform of this in writing to the SSBL latest on the 30th of December 2010 about it.

However, the SSBL has in writing informed that they are ready to host the IFF Office with the same conditions as before for the years 2011 - 2012. (Appendix 2)

Mr. Eriksson proposes to re-elect Mr. Liljelund as IFF Secretary General for the upcoming two year period 2011 - 2012 and to keep the IFF Office in Helsinki for the two coming years, based on the agreement made with the Finnish federation in 2004 and that a new agreement shall be signed between IFF and SSBL, based on the previous conditions.

The CB decided: To appoint Mr. Liljelund as secretary general for the period 2011-2012 and to keep the IFF Head Office in Helsinki.

§ 5. Constitution of the CB

Mr. Eriksson informed that according to the IFF Statutes (Art. 37) that the CB shall among itself appoint a Vice President and a Treasurer. Mr. Eriksson proposes that Mr. Filip Suman shall be re-elected as the IFF Vice President and Ms.Monica Bakke shall be elected as Treasurer for IFF.

The CB decided: To appoint Mr. Filip Suman as IFF Vice President and Ms. Monica Bakke as the IFF Treasurer.

§ 6. Constitution of the Executive Committee (ExCo)

Mr. Eriksson proposed to constitute the IFF ExCo, consisting of the IFF President Mr. Tomas Eriksson as chairman, the IFF vice president Mr. Filip Suman, Mr. Stephen King in his capacity as the AOFC President and the IFF secretary general as members. The secretary general will also act as the secretary of the ExCo.

The CB decided: To appoint the IFF ExCo, consisting of the IFF President Mr. Tomas Eriksson, the IFF Vice President Mr. Filip Suman, Mr. Stephen King and the IFF Secretary General Mr. John Liljelund.

§ 7. Right to sign for the IFF and right to use the IFF bank account

Mr. Liljelund proposed that the right to sign in the name of the IFF shall be given to the President Mr. Tomas Eriksson single-handedly, and to the vice president and the Treasurer always two persons together in any possible combination with either the president or the secretary general.

Mr. Eriksson further proposed that the IFF secretary general Mr. Liljelund has the right to sign the name of IFF together in combination with the President, vice president or the treasurer.

The secretary general proposed that Mr. Tomas Eriksson, Mr. Stefan Kratz and Mr. John Liljelund shall have the right to use the IFF bank account 559200-11 at Credit Suisse, CH-8702 Zollikon, Switzerland.

The CB decided: To approve the proposals.

§ 8. Decision of Legal Seat

Mr. Liljelund informed that the General Assembly approved the resolution defining that the legal seat of the IFF will be in Lausanne, Switzerland. The IFF General Assembly decided to delegate the decision of the registration of the IFF in the Swiss Commercial Register (CR) to the newly elected Central Board. Mr. Liljelund proposes to the CB to approve the registration of IFF in the Swiss Commercial Register (CR) and to give the IFF secretary general the task to proceed in this matter, in due cause after all taxation questions (including the VAT) has been settled.

The CB decided: To take the necessary steps to register the IFF in the Swiss Commercial Register (CR) and gave the task to Mr. Liljelund.

§ 9. Constitution of the Committees and Functions

Mr. Eriksson informed that the previous IFF CB has asked the member associations to nominate candidates to the IFF committees until the 5th of December. The nominations were asked for the Medical Committee, Rules and Competition Committee and the Referee Committee and thirteen member federations nominated persons to the committees (Appendix 3)

The President Mr. Eriksson proposed that the CB would in this meeting constitute these three committees and the following functions: Development function, Information function, Marketing function and Material function and elect the chairman‘s for these. Furthermore the constitution of the members shall be done by a per capsulam CB meeting by the 20th of January, based on the proposals of the committee/function chairman, which are to handed in by the 15th of January.

Mr. Eriksson further proposes to elect the following chairman‘s for the IFF Committees and Functions. The secretary general will appoint the officer in charge from the office side until the 15th of January.

Referee Committee: Mr. Hans Botman
Rules and Regulation Committee: Mr. Filip Suman
Medical Committee: Mr. Walter O. Frey

Athletes Commission: Mr. Oliver Stoll

Development function: Mr. Edwin Wiedmer
Equality function: Mr. Lars-Gunnar Tjärnquist
Information function: Mr. Greg Beaudin
Marketing function: Mr. Risto Kauppinen
Material function/Development Board: Mr. John Liljelund
ParaFloorball function: Mr. Lars-Gunnar Tjärnquist

The CB decided: To appoint the chairman‘s of the IFF Committees and the Functions in accordance with the proposal. The chairman of the committees will make a proposal for the constitution of the by the 20th of January.

§ 10. Next meeting

Mr. Eriksson informed that the next CB meeting will be held in Switzerland during the week-end of 5th to 6th of March in connection to the Swiss Cup Finals. The preliminary plan for 2011, looks like this:

20.01 Per Capsulam meeting to constitute the IFF Committees and functions
05.- 06.03. First CB meeting and seminar in connection to the Swiss Cup final and the WFC 2011 Ballot
07.- 08.05. CB meeting in connection to the U19 WFC in Weissensfels, Germany
01.- 02.10 CB meeting in Finland
09.- 11.12. CB meeting in connection to the WFC 2011 in St. Gallen, Switzerland
- Presidential and secretary generals meeting and the Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of IFF

The CB decided: To approve the dates of the CB meetings in 2011.

§ 11. Closing of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB members for a swift and positive meeting and ended the meeting at 10.26.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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