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IFF Central Board meeting 4/2006 27th of May 2006

Place: Quality Hotel Nacka, Sweden

Tomas Eriksson President
Mona Aagaard
Tomas Jonsson
Per Jansson
Risto Kauppinen
Renato Orlando
Filip Suman
Stefan Kratz Head of Technical Department
Merita Bruun Assistant
John Liljelund Secretary General


§ 1. Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson greeted all welcome and congratulated the newly elected IFF Central Board and especially Mrs. Mona Aagaard and Mr. Filip Suman being elected as new members at the General Assembly. Mr Eriksson thanked Mr. Renato Orlando and the Office for the smooth running of the General Assembly and opened the meeting at 08.30.

§ 2. Approval of the agenda

Mr. Eriksson proposed to approve the agenda, which was presented to the meeting.

The agenda was scrutinized, completed and approved.

§ 3. Constitution of the CB

Mr. Eriksson informed about the way the IFF Central Board has worked in the past, with four to five meetings during the year. Mr. Eriksson also expressed that the IFF has had an ExCo since 2002, which is having approximately three meeting yearly.

Mr. Eriksson informed that according to the IFF Statutes (Art. 37) the CB shall among itself appoint a Vice President and a Treasurer.

Mr. Eriksson proposes to appoint Mr. Renato Orlando as Vice President and Mr. Tomas Jonsson as treasurer, who both have worked very well in the past.

The CB decided to appoint Mr. Renato Orlando as IFF vice president and Mr. Tomas Jonsson as Treasurer

§ 4. Constitution of the Executive Committee (ExCo)

Mr. Eriksson gave a short introduction on how the ExCo has been working and the deviation of tasks between the Central Board and the ExCo. The task of the ExCo is to act as a trouble shooter and preparing for the CB meetings.

Mr. Renato Orlando also explained that the ExCo was formed in order to act quickly and also to have transparency in the organisation.

Mr. Per Jansson pointed out that any decision of the ExCo can be overruled by the CB.

Mr. Eriksson proposed to constitute the IFF ExCo with Mr. Tomas Eriksson as chairman, and Mr. Renato Orlando and Mr. John Liljelund as members. Mr. Liljelund will also act as the secretary of the ExCo.

The CB decided to constitute the ExCo according to the proposal.

§ 5. Appointment of Secretary General and the Office

Mr. Eriksson thanked the Finnish Federation and its president Mr. Matti Ahde for the assistant given and for the resources provided for the IFF Office in Helsinki. Mr. Eriksson informed that in accordance with the agreement made between the IFF and the SSBL (Finnish Floorball Federation) concerning the employment of the IFF General Secretary Mr. Liljelund, IFF must, if it so desires to terminate the contract, inform in writing the SSBL latest on the 30th of June about it.

Mr. Eriksson proposed to re-elect Mr. Liljelund as IFF General Secretary for the upcoming two year period 2007- 2008 and to keep the IFF Office in Helsinki for the two coming years.

The CB decided to re-elect Mr. John Liljelund as Secretary General and to keep the Office in Helsinki for the period 2007 – 2008.

§ 6. Right to sign for the IFF and right to use the IFF bank account

Mr. Liljelund proposes that the right to sign in the name of the IFF shall be given to the President Mr. Tomas Eriksson single-handedly, and to the vice president Mr. Renato Orlando and the Treasurer Mr. Tomas Jonsson always two persons together in any possible combination.

Mr. Eriksson proposes that the IFF general secretary Mr. Liljelund has the right to sing the name of IFF together in combination with the President, vice president or the treasurer.

The Treasurer Mr. Jonsson proposes that Mr. Tomas Eriksson, Mr. Stefan Kratz and Mr. John Liljelund shall have the right to use the IFF bank account 559200-11 at Credit Suisse, CH-8700 Küsnacht, Switzerland. Furthermore Mr. Liljelund shall have an IFF credit card, issued by the Credit Suisse.

Proposal: To approve the proposals.

The CB decided to approve the proposal.

§ 7. Constitution of the Committees and Functions

Mr. Eriksson informed that the IFF CB has so far had the following committees during the last two year period; the Rules and Competition Committee (RACC) and the Referee Committee (RC) and the following functions; Development function, Marketing function, and Material function. Mr. Eriksson explained that the need has been to have more rapid and flexible operations, so therefore there needs to be functions run by a politician and supported by an officer.

Mr. Eriksson asked the new members, what kind of tasks they would like to take in the future.

Mrs. Mona Aagaard informed that she is interested to join a committee as a member, in order to learn and gain knowledge.

Mr. Filip Suman expressed that it is important that the committees are functional and had no special wish.

Mr. Eriksson said that the CB shall in this meeting constitute these committees and functions and elect the chairman for the different committees and functions and that the constitution of the members to these committees and functions shall be done at the next CB meeting, based on the proposals of the member-associations and the committee/function chairman.

Mr. Eriksson proposed that the Development function would be chaired by Mr. Renato Orlando and that Mr. Jansson would chair the Marketing function. Mr. Liljelund would act as the officer for these two functions. Mr. Eriksson proposed that Mr. Liljelund would head Material function and the Development Board.

Mr. Kauppinen asked that, before deciding the chairs of each committee and function, it would be good to have the whole picture.

Mr. Eriksson stated that, in order to use Mr. Orlando more in the political and development work, he would no longer act as the RACC chairman.

Mr. Orlando said that any Central Board member could be chairing the RACC. He also stated that he would be glad to act as a mentor for the new RACC chairman if so wished and that the new chairman will have his full support.

Mr. Suman stated that, when the General Assembly elected a CB consisting of six members, it means that all CB members would have to take an active roll. Mr. Suman also stated that he first had thought to learn during the first years in the CB.

Mr. Jansson stated that the RACC is a very important factor in the process in organising a tournament, RACC is not the customer of the tournament, but the servant to the tournament. Mr. Jansson stated that this spirit has to be held also in the future, keeping in mind the IFF rules and regulations in the tournament focusing on solutions.

Mr. Kauppinen feels that Mr. Suman is the right person for the RACC chair.

Mr. Jansson proposes that Mr. Gilardi would continue to lead the Referee committee, but that there should be one person in the CB acting as the linkman to the RC.

Mr. Orlando supports the proposal of Mr. Jansson. Mr. Eriksson has also discussed the issue with Mr. Gilardi about the way the RC has been working. Mr. Eriksson proposed that the RC shall also have a workshop where they draw the guidelines for their work and make proposals to the CB how to act.

Mr. Suman agrees that Mr. Gilardi is a good technical man, but he feels that if the chairman of the RC is not from the CB, then the committee is put on a lower level than the other committees and functions.

Mr. Jansson feels that it is important that the Referee sector feels that they are looked over. Mr. Jansson volunteered to be the linkman between the CB and the RC.

Mr. Suman asked if it would be the right procedure to ask the Association about the Chairman of the RC.

Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Orlando expressed that it is for the CB, elected by the General Assembly, to decide upon the issues delegated to it, without asking the Associations.

Mr. Eriksson proposed that Mr. Gilardi would carry on chairman of the RC.

Mr. Kauppinen thinks that the referee sector is a bit different from the other functions, it is important that the committee works with the problems and questions of the refereeing. He feels that the CB has to give tasks and deadlines for the reporting and plans and their own guidelines. Mr. Kauppinen would like that Mr. Gilardi would continue as the RC Chairman.

Mrs. Aagaard felt that it could be a good step forward to have a RC chairman outside the CB, since the RC is working for the referees solely and the efforts of the CB are of a wider range.

Mr. Eriksson concludes that the proposal is that the RACC will be headed by Mr. Filip Suman, RC by Mr. Thomas Gilardi, Development function by Mr. Renato Orlando, Marketing function by Mr. Jansson and the Material function by Mr. John Liljelund.

Mr. Jansson feels that there needs to be a function for Information and Press for the future. Mr. Eriksson proposed that Mrs. Mona Aagaard and the general secretary Mr. Liljelund will make proposal for the next meeting.

Mr. Liljelund proposed that the new committees and functions related to the new Anti-Doping Regulation; the Medical Committee, the Independent Anti-Doping Review panel and the Anti-Doping Administrator will be prepared and proposed by the Office to the CB at its next meeting

Mr. Eriksson further proposed that the Office shall ask for nominations from the ordinary member associations, until the 15th of August for the committees/functions members. Mr. Orlando proposed that the Office shall prepare a Nomination Form for the members of committees to be appointed.

The CB decided to constitute the IFF Committees and the Functions as following:

RACC: Filip Suman
RC: Thomas Gilardi, with liaison in CB Per Jansson
Development: Renato Orlando
Marketing: Per Jansson
Material: John Liljelund

and to ask the ordinary member associations for nominations until the 15th of August, including the Floorball/Sports CV of the proposed persons. The CB will discuss the issue of the Anti-Doping Regulation in the next meeting

§ 8. Any other business

There where no other business to discuss.

§ 9. Next meeting

The next CB meeting will be held on Friday the 8th of September, in Helsinki.

§ 10. Closing of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson thanked everyone for an effective meeting and closed the meeting at 10.15.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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