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IFF Central Board meeting 6/2008 12th of December 2008

Place: Clarion Congess Hotel Prague


Tomas Eriksson President
Renato Orlando Vice President
Filip Suman
Mona Aagaard
Tomas Jonsson treasurer
Per Jansson
Risto Kauppinen

Stefan Kratz Competition Manager
Merita Bruun Information Manager
John Liljelund Secretary General


§ 1. Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson greeted all CB members welcome to the last CB meeting of this two year term, in Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague and opened the meeting at 10.00.

Mr. Eriksson informed with great pleasure that the IFF has yesterday received the recognition of the International Olympic Committee granted by the Executive Board. Mr. Eriksson would especially like to thank Mr. Orlando and Mr. Liljelund among all others for their great efforts in preparing the application and the lobby work done, in order for us to achieve the IOC recognition.

§ 2. Approval of the agenda

The agenda was scrutinized and completed, with the following amendments:
Appendix 6 – Sierra Leone membership application (circulated during the meeting).

§ 3. Minutes from the CB meetings

05/2008 in Prague, Czech Republic (01.11.2008), (Appendix 1).

The minutes from the last meetings were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.

4. Economy

a) Information on IFF claims – status December 10th, 2008 (Appendix 2 )

The CB decided in its last meeting to remind the member associations in debt to IFF that those ordinary members with outstanding membership fees from 2007 and earlier are not entitled to vote at the General Assembly. Mr. Kratz presented the IFF claims per 10.12.2008 and the proposed that based on the situation the CB would propose for the General Assembly to approve Georgia, Iceland, Pakistan and Slovenia as ordinary members.

The CB decided: To approve the report and proposed for the General Assembly to approve Georgia, Iceland, Pakistan and Slovenia.

b) IFF General Assembly

The IFF General Assembly will be held on the 13th of December at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague starting at 09.30. The Agenda for the General Assembly will be gone through during the meeting. (Appendix 3)

Mr. Eriksson went through the agenda of the General Assembly and presented the way that the General Assembly will be held and who will have which responsibilities during the GA.

The CB discussed the actions needed to be taken before the General Assembly.

Mr. Eriksson delegated the tasks for presenting the different documents put forward.

The CB decided: To approve the report and finalised the proposals for the General Assembly.

§ 5. World Championships

a) WFC 2008 Czech Republic
Mr. Suman gave a short report concerning the ongoing 7th Men‘s WFC 2008 being held in Ostrava and Prague, in the Czech Republic and the official program organised by the CFbU and the City of Prague. The investment made both organisational and financially has paid off, with the really good atmosphere with a lot of spectators in a lot of games. The new record for the WFC group match is now 8914 spectators. The media interest has been really good and positive, with articles on the front page of the main daily newspapers.

Mr. Eriksson stressed that the organiser has done a good job with the large number of spectators, with the media and in the co-operation with IFF and especially the co-operation with the organising cities and different stakeholder groups.

Mr. Orlando stressed that it was very good to change the timing of the WFC to the December, which was proven by the number of the TV matches.

Mr. Kauppinen felt that it is important that the TV questions have been concentrated to the Office.

Mr. Jansson reminded the CB that the strategic decision has been to build the contacts to the TV‘s and spread the signal as far as possible.

The CB decided: To approve the reports.

Mr. Liljelund gave an update about the TV negotiations with the different 8 TV Companies and the host broadcaster the Czech TV and the joint project with the Czech Federation to offer all matches live on the internet. (Appendix 4) There were a total of 17 televised matches and IFF has sold 15 to international takers.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

b) U19 WFC 2009 Finland
Mr. Kauppinen to report on the preparations made for the U19 WFC 2009 to be played in Turku and Raisio, Finland from 6th to 10th of May 2009. The work with the cities has started and the education of the volunteers has started. The Finnish federation has budgeted a loss of 80.000 euros for the event.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

§ 6. EuroFloorball Cup

a) EuroFloorball Cup 2009
Mr. Liljelund reported about the ongoing negotiations with the Danish Federation concerning the EFC Final round in Denmark, keeping in mind the upcoming IOC Congress in Copenhagen during the same dates.

Proposal: To approve the report

§ 7. Committees and Function reports

a) ExCo reports

Mr. Eriksson reported on the recognition process of the International Olympic Committee and the meeting held by the IOC Executive Board on the 11th of December, 2008 and summarised that we are very pleased to have received the recognition.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

b) Contacts to International Sports Organisations

Mr. Orlando reported on the Sport for All Congress in Malaysia, November 3-5th and the discussions held during the event. The Congress was organised in co-operation with IOC, GAISF, Unicef and a number of national governments. IFF was invited to participate in a number of events and program, but we have to go mainstream and focus on the laid strategy concentrating on the main international events.

Mr. Orlando also met with Mr. Sani Mohd. Salim and Mr. Suresh and discussing concerning the AOFC‘s plans and then discussed how to develop the work in the region.

Mr. Liljelund gave a short report on the World University Championships played in Kourtane and Seinäjoki between the 6th and 9th of November and the discussion held with WUC director Laurent Briel concerning the upcoming WUC‘s and the dates for the next WUC. (Appendix 5)

Mr. Liljelund also reported about the IF Sports Forum held in Lausanne on the 17.-19.11. were IFF was represented by Mr. Orlando and the secretary general. Apart from the main lecturers there was a lot of connections made to different sport authorities.

Mr. Orlando informed that he has received a request from the GAISF to prepare a specialists proposal for the topics which will be discussed during the IOC Congress.

The CB decided: To approve the reports.


Nothing to report

d) RC

Mr. Jansson reported that the education seminar organised for the WFC 2008 referees in Ostrava on the 4-5 of December was a success. The referees have made their own personal development book, in which they have defined their view on how to referee. The feedback from the education, the comments have been very positive, especially giving the referees time to talk about how to referee on a international level.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

e) Development function

Mr. Orlando made a summary of how the development program has been run and how it has turned out. IFF has so far organised ten seminars.
The plans for the development seminars in 2009 are to organise a seminar in Latvia (April) for the north-east Europe and looking for the possibility to organise a seminar in New Zealand/Australia and build on a few new projects outside Europe in Africa and South America.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

f) Marketing function

Mr. Jansson felt that we have to work much closer with Infront, in order to have control over the development for the coming events.

g) Medical committee

Ms. Bruun reported about the last minute changes made by WADA in the International Standards, which will affect how our Anti Doping work will look like starting 1st of January 2009, especially for the Registered Testing Pool.

Ms. Bruun informed that there are 5 national teams, which have not applied for the TUE/ATUE‘s in accordance with the rules. There is a need to create a sanction system. The situation was solved with the IFF Medical Committee.

The CB decided: To approve the report

h) Material function

Mr. Liljelund informed about the ispo 2009 winter sports fair 31.1. – 3.2.2008 and the planned Floorball Village and the preparations, with the 10 participating Floorball manufacturers.

The CB decided: To approve the report

i) Athletes Commission

Mr. Kauppinen reported on the meeting of the Athletes Commission to be held on the 12th of December 2008, with the participation from Paula Jouhten (FIN), Matthias Hofbauer (SUI) and Michael Schachner (AUT), the other members were unable to attend due to playing during the same time or for other reasons.

The CB decided: To approve the report

§ 8. IFF Office

Nothing to report.

§ 9. Member Federations

a) Members under suspension

Nothing to report.

b) New Member Applications

Mr. Eriksson informed that the Sierra Leone Floorball Federation has applied for membership of IFF in beginning of 2008 and have now updated the application, fulfilling the requirements to become a provisional member of IFF.

The CB decided: To accept Sierra Leone as the IFF provisional member 48.

§ 10. Next CB meeting

The CB decided: The constitution meeting of the newly elected Central Board, will be held in the Clarion Congress Hotel on the 14th of December, 2008, starting at 09.30.

§ 11. Closing of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB for a work well done during the last two years and especially Mrs. Mona Aagaard, who is now leaving the CB, since she is not standing for re-election. Mr. Eriksson ended the meeting at 12.10.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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