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IFF Central Board meeting 14th of November 2007

Place: Decision per capsulam over e-mail
Answers to be sent in to the Office by Wednesday the 14th of February by 12:00 CET

Tomas Eriksson President
Mona Aagaard
Tomas Jonsson
Per Jansson
Risto Kauppinen
Renato Orlando Vice President
Filip Suman

Stefan Kratz Head of Technical Department
John Liljelund Secretary General


§ 1. Forming of the IFF Athletes Commission

According to the guidelines given by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), where it has been stated that the influence of the athletes has to be secured, the ExCo now proposes that the CB would approve the forming of an Athletes Commission for the IFF.

The ExCo proposes to form an Athletes Commission (ASC) consisting of 4 female and 4 male athletes representatives. The commission will be lead by a member of the CB. Half of the athletes (2 female and 2 male) are elected by their peers, during the EuroFloorball Cup Final round in January 2008 and the other are appointed by the CB directly, during the CB meeting in January. In the future the election of the Athletes will be conducted during the Adult‘s World Floorball Championships, starting with the female members in the WFC in 2009. The objective of the athletes commission is to comment and take part in the preparation of the Game Rule changes, looking over the Competition Regulations and participate in the development of IFF Competitions.

The CB decided: to approve the proposal of forming an Athletes Commission for the IFF based on the proposal. The office was given the task to prepare the election of the members during the EFC in Finland.

§ 2. Committees and Function reports

a) ExCo reports

Mr. Eriksson reported on the planned CB meetings, in order to approve the needed documentation for the IOC Recognition. The CB will have one more per capsulam meeting on the 11th of December to finalize the IOC application. The application will be sent to the IOC by both email and ordinary mail.

The CB decided: to approve the report.

§ 3. Member Federations

a) New Member Applications

Mr. Liljelund reported that the Israeli Floorball Association and the Serbian Floorball Association have applied for membership in the IFF. Both Floorball Association has sent in the applications, with the appropriate documents, despite the fact that the official approval of the National Sports Confederation is missing. The ExCo proposes to approve Israel as provisional member nr. 41 and Serbia as provisional member nr. 42.

The CB decided: To approve the Israeli Floorball Association (nr. 41) and the Serbian Floorball Association (nr. 42) as provisional members.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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