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Agata Plechan: How to prepare yourself for important games when facilities are not optimal?

There was a time during my floorball career, when I have lived in a country where floorball is not the most popular sport discipline. In order to complete my studies, I had to take an internship abroad. To have the one I dreamed about, it was impossible to do it in a top floorball country. But I took a decision and moved to Brussels, where I had an internship at the European Parliament and European Olympic Committees EU Office, later during the same year. I knew this will be difficult for my floorball career, but I knew it will be possible to keep my shape top.

It meant a lot of discipline and early morning trainings to follow my personal training program. Working hours were sometimes very late, especially with various political events that I was attending in the evenings. Only once a week, but huge thanks to that, I had a chance to train floorball on a regular rink with men‘s team Tornado Brussels. The team was mixed with players from different countries, like Finland, Czechia, Switzerland and Belgium of course, the speed was very good and Tornado guys helped me the most to stay in floorball shape. I became part of the team and was treated like one of them. The speed was great and even though I could train with them only once a week it had a huge influence on my preparation for the World Floorball Championships. I was the only girl, but managed to follow the speed, it was a great experience! The practise was a late one, usually I was back home around 23:30. Brussels is a city where traffic can be surprisingly heavy even during late hours. It was not easy to get up from the sofa and drive to practise, but the feeling after was satisfying, including heavy-eyed Friday mornings that I just had to deal with :)

For the most important games I travelled to Aalborg, Denmark where my club AaB (that I represented that time) is located. It meant connection flights and train trips, this travel was never a short one, but always worth to take. Thanks to the club and my teammates who helped me to organise everything every time I arrived, I could make it happen. Understanding of my situation was very positive and I was very happy to have this kind of support. I have to admit that it was a very busy time, but I managed to prepare myself for the World Floorball Championships, where with the Polish National Team we became number 7 in the world. I need to say that sometimes when the circumstances are not as good as we would like them to be, and when it needs a lot of own will and determination, the results make us even more happy. Now, I know that if I want to keep on doing something, it is possible wherever I am, even when the facilities are not optimal. It gives different perspective to look at the floorball situation and access to floorball practise in general. Now, I think it is very easy, the practise is there, the coach is there, my teammates are there, training centre is there and I don‘t need to think much about it. I just need to be there, do my job and enjoy it.

Floorball is a team sport and during my stay in Brussels I missed my teammates a lot, luckily I made new friends and teammates in Brussels. My family and friends from Poland and Denmark helped me a lot, I knew they were there behind my back supporting me every day and I never regret the decision that I made that time. My time in Brussels was unforgettable, now I am back in Denmark, playing in Hvidovre Attack Floorball Club and preparing myself for the upcoming World Floorball Championships in Bratislava, where with the Polish National Team I will fight for the best result

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