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Australia MU19 won Men´s APAC, Japan took victory on Women´s APAC

The third and last day of APAC 2011 consisted of three very important matches. The WFC qualification between... — 30.1.2011

Asia Pacific Floorball Championships (APAC) 2011

The 8th APAC tournament will be played in Loftus Recreation Center in Perth, Australia on 28th - 30th of January 2011. There are Men´s and Women´s tournaments played.

Three Men´s teams participates to APAC: Australia MU19, New Zealand Men and Singapore MU19.

Three teams takes part to the Women´s APAC tournament: Japan, Singapore and Australia. Additionally Women´s Development team from Australia and Singapore Women U19 will play matches.

Men´s APAC 2011


Australia MU19
2. Singapore MU19


New Zealand

Australia Men U19 won the Men´s APAC 2011.

Women´s APAC 2011

1. Japan




Women´s Development trophy

1. Australia
2. Australia Dev
3. Singapore WU19

Men´s Standings

1.AUS MU19440016-98
2.SGP MU19420217-104
3.NZL M40048-220

Women´s Standings

1.AUS W430123-66
2.JPN W320118-124
3.Australia W Dev320113-84
4.SGP W31029-162
5.SGP WU1930035-260

Schedule & Statistics

Schedule & Statistics

Matches counted for Women´s APAC 2011 trophy:

28.1. Australia W - Singapore W 4-0
28.1. Japan W - Australia W 6-3
29.1. Japan W - Singapore W 3-5

Japan won Women´s APAC 2011 with more goals scored
compared to Australia (Japan 9-8, Australia 7-6).

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