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WFC 2015 Website launched – 03.12.2014

The official website for the Women’s 10th World Floorball Championships played in Tampere, Finland, has been launched. Visit www.wfc2015.fi to find all latest information about the Women’s WFC.

- We are pleased to open our official website one year prior to the start of the Championships in Tampere. When creating the visual identity of the Championships, we decided to continue the journey of the previous World Championships held in Finland in 2010, by using same elements. Now we go on with positive floorball experiences and stories and will ensure that the website in addition to the social media is a vivid place, worth visiting regularly, says WFC 2015 Secretary General, Jeannette Good.

The WFC 2015 website is the first World Floorball Championships website that is launched with the model, where the official website is under the IFF domain.

- I am thrilled that we continue with the model of working more closely with the IFF Event organisers. My firm belief is that we, the IFF and local organisers, must work very closely together concerning marketing, promotion and communication in order to be able to continue launching prosperous events in the future, IFF President, Tomas Eriksson, comments.

The WFC 2015 website content and layout has been created in cooperation with the local organiser and includes all the relevant information about the WFC 2015. You can already find information about the tournament, host city and arenas in both English and Finnish. The main IFF website links are also included on the website since the WFC website will become the IFF front page during the WFC 2015. 

- There needs to be a mutual communication plan, so that we can get the best out of the resources available. It is also valuable to have the IFF WFC data saved in one place during the WFC and still years after the tournament. We will also continue to focus on the social media and will include tweets and instagram photos with the IFF hashtag #floorball and the event specific WFC 2015 hashtag #magicaltogether, IFF Information Manager, Merita Bruun, informs.

The WFC 2015 website software is NetEazer, a content management tool for managing web content. The software has been built by the Finnish company OpenSpace.