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Successful WFC Qualifications 2014 – 14.02.2014

The Men’s World Floorball Championships 2014 qualifications were for the first time played with six simultaneous tournaments in the end of January and beginning of February in Canada, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia and the Netherlands.

The qualifications featured three new countries Jamaica, New Zealand and Ukraine, which all made a good debut on the international scene.

The IFF had decided in 2012 to start the new qualification system, in order to reach two main targets. Firstly to increase the visibility of International Floorball in the member associations and secondly to give all countries the possibility to play against the world class teams, to understand what is needed to develop the sport in their countries.

Based on the evaluation of the qualifications, the result clearly shows that this was the right decision. The qualifications were played in front of over 25.000 spectators, giving a game average of over 400 per game. The teams, regardless their world ranking, have showed true devotion during the tournament and played with their best possible teams. The feedback from the lower ranked teams has been really positive, since they have had the chance to play against the best teams in the world, despite some big differences.

- The IFF would like to convey its sincere gratitude to all the teams that participated in the WFC Qualifications for their professionalism and commitment to the development of the sport. The Floorball Family has proven that it is capable to organise the “football type” of qualifications for 30 teams simultaneously. It is our firm belief that the new type of qualification will help to close the gap between the countries in the world, says IFF President Mr. Tomas Eriksson.

During the qualifications 63 games were played, out of which 60 was streamed live on IFF’s YouTube Channels, with over 110.000 spectators. These games and their highlights are still visible on the IFF Channels for the fans to view. The last teams only qualified in the last games of the qualification, so it is fair to say it was a huge step forward for floorball.