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MEN´S WFCQ 2018 - AMER - Team Presentations – 29.01.2018

USA & Canada will play in the Americas qualification at the Ryerson University in Toronto (ON), Canada on the 10th and 11th of February, 2018.

In Americas, the teams will play each other twice and based on the results of these matches, one team will qualify.

The IFF has received 33 registrations for the 12th IFF Men´s World Floorball Championships, to be held in December 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Final Round will be held with 16 teams, divided into 4 groups according to their ranking and ballot draw. All teams, apart from the host country, will have to qualify for the Final Round via regional qualifications to be held in January / February 2018.

More information about the WFCQ2018 is available here.


Team Presentations


Team USA is a team with a couple of new faces as well as some returning ones and who hope to play with a lot of energy and speed.  They also hope to continue to spread floorball in North America through a good showing that takes them to the WFC in Prague in December. 

Players to watch

Alexander Granvald: Team captain who plays in Sweden and has some incredible floorball skills is always one to watch!
Axel Palmstrom: He is making his debut on the US national team and will be an exciting new face on the team. He plays with speed and skill and should be fun to watch.
Mikko Vähä-Vahe: Mikko is a young player who has been around a while despite his young age and gets it done. Watch out for his physical play!

#10 A. Granvald

#40 A. Palmstrom

#79 M. Vaha-Vahe


This year, Canada must fight for a spot at the World Championships despite hosting WFCQ 2018. Their goal is to defeat Team USA and eventually to climb the world rankings. Doing so will no doubt help their country in its continued effort to grow the sport of floorball. 

Players to watch

Valtteri Viitakoski: Viitakoski is travelling to Canada from his team in Finland. He was one of Canada´s top players at WFC Riga.
Cedric Grenapin: For the youngest player on the team, Grenapin should put some impressive skill on display.
Tyler Brush: One of Canada´s skilled veterans, Brush will have had a huge impact at WFCQ 2018 both on and off the court.

#91 V. Viitakoski

#7 C. Grenapin

#90 T. Brush


 All team and player information is provided by the teams themselves and only edited by IFF.