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EFCh 2017 - Semis & placement matches – 26.08.2017


5th & 7th place decided and two tight semi-finals to decide our final day´s matches.



This match was a little closer than the final score of 7-4 would show with, for the most part, there only ever being 1 or 2 goals separating the teams. Only the desperation of the Italians in the end that resulted in them player short-handed allowed London to seal the win in the final minutes. For London, they found the right time to win their first game, having been close in several. 4 games in 4 days is tough for all the teams, even more so when there are only 9 of you. and L´Aquila will go home wondering how different it might have been for them with a few more players on their bench. 

Match statistics can be found here.


5th place: dunai Krokodilok - CUF LEGANES

Apart from the first period of their tournament (against Trencin) Leganes have been very competitive against all of their opponents. In their last two games their coach felt that their opposition didn´t necessarily play better than them, but they played smarter. Dunai definitely showed a little more experience when it was needed and, like Leganes, have improved with each game. Today the young Hungarian national team representatives, Tamas Hoffmann (2+3) and Norbert Kvasznicska (3+2), led the way to their 6-4 victory to take 5th place.

Match statistics can be found here


SEMI-FINAL: Tsunami Zahorska Bystrica - FK AS TRENCIN

In this Slovak derby, a full house (with very loud drums) created a great atmosphere for what was an extremely tight game. It was during the second period that the match came to life as the home team increased their attacking pressure on Tsunami. Both teams looked to move the ball up the court as quickly as possible resulting in a lot of turnovers and fast breaking attacks and it was Trencin who were better at finishing these moves. They extended their one goal lead early in the last period when their captain, Juraj Matjek, found the smallest amount of space near the Tsunami goal his fast wrist shot crashed into the top of the net. Tsunami though remained strong and were soon back on even scores. The equalising goal was a great individual effort from Michal Steinhubel who skillfully worked his way around the defence and snuck the ball under the goalkeeper´s legs. The winning goal came just minutes from the end and despite Trencin playing 6v5 at the end they couldn´t get the ball past Tsunami who held on to win 5-4 and book a place in the final.

Match statistics can be found here


SEMI-FINAL: UFC Utrecht - FBC skala melitopol

In their first IFF event, Skala Melitopol have been on a learning curve during this tournament and clearly they are very good students. They rescued a draw in the last seconds of their first match, got a win in their second game, were outplayed by Tsunami, and today played a very smart and strong game against the undefeated Dutch champions, UFC Utrecht, winning 7-4. The game was dominated by referee decisions that swayed the game to and fro. From a penalty shot in the first minute all the way through to a penalty shot in the final minute. Utrecht seemed to be missing the energy they had taken into all of their other games, looking uncharacteristically flat in the first period in particular. In comparison, Skala were fired up for this game and scored a few goals that their players will be very happy to include on their personal highlights reels, none more so than an individual effort from Vitalii Honcharov (3+0) in a delayed penalty the last period. Skala will meet Tsunami in the final - the only team they have lost to here, so we will see just how much they have learnt tomorrow.

Match statistics can be found here


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