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33 teams registered for Men´s WFC 2018 – 10.03.2017

The IFF has received 33 registrations for the 12th IFF Men´s World Floorball Championships, to be held in December 2018 in Czech Republic.

The Chinese Men´s team will make their international debut while the men from Iran will be competing in an IFF WFC Qualification event for the first time. Their only other previous international experience was in the 2012 Asia Pacific Championships.

The Final Round will be held with 16 teams, divided into 4 groups according to their ranking and ballot draw. All teams, apart from the host country, will have to qualify for the Final Round via regional qualifications which will be held in February 2018.


Finland (1)*Spain (19)
Sweden (2)Austria (20)
Switzerland (3)Italy (21)
Czech Republic (4)**Slovenia (24)
Denmark (5)Belgium (25)
Norway (6)Netherlands (27)
Latvia (7)France (28)
Germany (8)Hungary (30)
Estonia (9)Great Britain (31)
Slovakia (10)Iceland (32)
Poland (14)Liechtenstein (33)

* Numbers in brackets show rankings based on results from the last two WFC´s
** Czech Republic being the organiser is directly qualified.


Australia (13)USA (11)
Japan (16)Canada (12)
Singapore (17)
Republic of Korea (18)
Thailand (22)  
New Zealand (26)  
Malaysia (29)  
People´s Republic of China (-)*  
Islamic Republic of Iran (-)  

*Countries without rankings are participating in their first WFC and will receive a ranking after the qualification &/or final round events.

The last Men´s WFC was held in December 2016 in Latvia, with Finland defeating Sweden on penalty shots to win their 3rd world title. Full results can be found here

Participating teams in Men´s WFCs 1996-2016

1996: 12 teams
1998: 14 teams
2000: 16 teams
2002: 24 teams
2004: 26 teams
2006: 26 teams
2008: 29 teams
2010: 31 teams
2012: 29 teams
2014: 31 teams
2016: 33 teams