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The World Games Media Plan by IFF – 18.05.2017


70 days from now, the first floorball match at The World Games 2017 will be played, but the promotion of the event has started much earlier.

If you have visited an IFF Event, you might have caught a glimpse of the banners, jumbo adds or led adds and all are saying the same message: “Floorball’s next step – The World Games”. Now, after the U19 WFC, it’s time to take the promotion to the next level, especially in the social media and IFF webpage:
- We have a specific media plan in place for The World Games. It includes a countdown, interview with all the six head coaches and all teams will have a specific week which is dedicated to them, says Minna Nurminen IFF Information & Anti-Doping Coordinator.

The Team Week will include a Team presentation, Highlights from the WFC 2016 and also at least one player interview:
- We want to give floorball fans a bit of insight of the players. Of course the interviews have basic questions about the tournament and what it means to the player to be playing at The World Games, but also a bit more personal insight like how did they start playing floorball, says Nurminen.

The IFF is also known to have referee presentations and The World Games is no exception. Though this time it comes with a twist:
- This is a big event for the players, but also for the referees. We want to give more insight about who they are and what they have done. During the “Meet the Refs” week, floorball fans will learn for example about the weird situations in the matches and hopefully also have a few laughs.

The main goal of the Media plan is to raise awareness:
- We hope that the national associations, especially the ones participating, will also take part in promoting The World Games. This is why we provide a lot of material for them to share. But it’s not only the national associations who can promote the event. Every floorball fan out there can help our sport take the next step by simply clicking the share button, says John Liljelund the IFF Secretary General.

Media plan timeline*:
9.6 - 24.6 Coach interviews
29.5 - 2.6 Meet the Refs
5.6 - 9.6 Team Poland
12.6 – 16.6 Team USA
19.6 – 23.6 Team Czech Republic
26.6 – 30.6 Team Switzerland
3.7 – 7.7 Team Sweden
10.7 – 14.7 Team Finland

*Some changes may occur.

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