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Women´s WFCQ 2017 EUR 2 - Final day – 05.02.2017

Poland secured their place in the WFC final round by winning against Russia. Home crowd cheered as Italy won their first game.

Poland and Russia played for the second place of WFCQ 2017 EUR 2. Russia continued with the same tactics they had played with the whole tournament: fore-checking low and relying on counter attacks. Poland had many scoring chances, but many of them missed the goal completely. The others were picked by the Russian goalkeeper Uliana Veselova who all in had 45 saves in the match. Poland scored their first goal at 11:41 when the Russians tumbled with the ball in front of their own goal. Few minutes later came the second Polish goal as a beautiful pass across the field reached Maja Stenka who scored a one-timer. After first period Poland was in a 3-0 lead. No goals were seen in the second period, though both teams had scoring chances. In the beginning of the third period Russia scored their first goal, but Poland made four goals within the next ten minutes. All in all Poland won the match 7-2 and secured their place in the WFC 2017 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Best players:
POL: #88 Malgorzata Pazio
RUS: #1 Uliana Veselova

Match summary here.

Italy and Great Britain were still both without points before the last WFCQ 2017 match in Celano. Italy had more ball control during the first period and were trying to pass to the middle. They had a lot of good scoring chances, but Great Britain´s goalkeeper was awake and had some nice saves. At 11:58 Italy scored their first goal and the local spectators were cheering loudly. The spectators got more to cheer about, when Italy scored another one a few minutes later. No more goals were seen in the first period. The script of the match remained the same during the second period. Italy scored two more goals and was keeping the ball in the offensive zone, whereas Great Britain tried their best to defend. In the third period, Great Britain had a few more scoring chances than before but they were fruitless. Italy was giving the home crowd what they wanted, more goals. In the end Italy won the match 7-0.

Best players:
ITA: #25 Sandra Reinstadler
GBR: #6 Imi Rixon

Match summary here.