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Anti-Doping promotion in EFC 2016 – 19.10.2016

The EuroFloorball Cup was played in Weissenfels, Germany, 5th - 9th of October 2016. Anti-Doping values and fair play were promoted especially during the last two days.

Pictured: Heiko Jassman - President of Floorball Germany & Vera Bolte

Sebastian Engels and Vera Bolte have an important job. They’re part of German Anti-Doping Agency’s Doping Prevention group and promote Anti-Doping and fair sport across Germany. Last weekend, they were in charge of the TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING information booth at the EuroFloorball Cup 2016.
- The general idea of the promotion is to inform athletes about the existing anti-doping rules. We come to these events to help answer their questions and to raise awareness, says Engels.
- It’s especially important to inform young athletes about the supplements so that they know about the risks. Some athletes might be unaware that they’re even taking doping since medicines and supplements may include prohibited substances, says Bolte.

Part of Engels’s and Bolte’s job is to travel across Germany from sport events to others:
- Travelling to sporting events is a good way to promote fair play and anti-doping. In events we can interact with the athletes and they can ask us questions. We also have a game and a quiz that are targeted especially for younger athletes. Mainly we show people where to find the information, says Engels.

Both Bolte and Engels are happy to work with Anti-Doping.
- It’s an important job and I like it. Helping people and promoting fair sport environment is meaningful to me, states Engels.

For further information, please visit the website of the education programme www.gemeinsam-gegen-doping.de (in German) or get directly in contact with the prevention department of the NADA Germany (praevention@nada.de).