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U19 WFC 2017 B-Division: Day3 – 05.05.2017

Australia and Norway remained undefeated on the third day of the Men´s U19 World Floorball Championships B-Division. Estonia and Germany took the second places of the groups.

Japan – Estonia 1-12 (0-4, 1-2, 0-6)
Japan v Estonia had a dramatic beginning as the Japanese player got a 5-minute penalty for roughing. Estonia were able to score once during the five minutes. After 13 minutes Estonia were in a 3-0 lead. Both teams got a chance to score on powerplay later during the first period, but neither succeeded. The first Japanese goal was seen when only 12 seconds had been played of the second period. Their joy didn’t last for long as Estonia scored two more goals. The third period was controlled by Estonia. They scored six goals and all in all won the match 12-1.

Best players:
JPN #1 Harada Kazushi
EST #40 Mahla Simon Georg

Canada – Norway 5-15 (1-3, 2-7, 2-5)
Norway were the favourite of the match and dominated the match from start to finish. After the first period, the score was 3-1 for Norway. One of the goals was scored on powerplay and one shorthanded. The second period was more eventful. Norway increased their lead to 5-1, but Canada were able to decrease the score to 5-2 by penalty shot. After 40 minutes the score was 10-3 for Norway. Marius Pedersen (NOR) was on fire. At 47:14 he scored his fourth goal, all in all he made 4+4 during the match. In the end Norway won the match 15-5.

Best players:
CAN #87 Kuysten Jonathan
NOR #12 Pedersen Marius

USA – Australia 1-8 (1-1, 0-4, 0-3)
USA were the first to score in the match against undefeated Australia. Their celebration was short-lived as the Aussies evened the score. In the second period both teams got scoring chances, but only Australia used them effectively. After the second period, the Aussies led the match already 5-1. In the third period at 49:38 USA got a chance to score on powerplay, but they were unsuccessful. Whereas Aussies took advantage of their own powerplay seven minutes later. USA had more scoring chances in the third period, but Aussies were the ones who set the pace for the match. Australia won the match 8-1 and remained unbeaten. 

Best players:
USA #24 Huttunen Aleksi
AUS #55 Suter David

Germany – Hungary 7-2 (3-1, 1-0, 3-1)
Germany took a 2-0 lead at the beginning of the first period, but they also took a 2-minute penalty for tackle/tripping. Hungary took advantage and scored their first goal of the match. Eight minutes later, Germany increased their lead to 3-1. Germany scored the only goal of the second period and no more goals were seen despite of the powerplays. Third period was more eventful as Germany increased their lead to 7-1. Hungarians reduced the score to 7-2, but there were only 10 seconds left on the clock which meant that the victory was out of their hands. Germany won the match 7-2.

Best players:
GER #1 Flathmann Nicolas
HUN #10 Bondor Csaba

Photos: IFF Flickr