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15 countries registered for the 7th Women´s U19 WFC 2016 – 27.03.2015

The 7th Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships will be played in Belleville, Canada 4th - 8th of May 2016.

15 teams, a new record, have registered from which Jamaica, Japan and USA will make their Women´s U19 WFC debut.

The Final Round will be played with 8 teams in the A-division and 7 teams in the B-division.

Sweden (1) Hungary (8)
Finland (2)Canada (10) 
Czech Republic (3)Germany (11)

Switzerland (4) Austria (12)

Slovakia (5)USA (-)
Poland (6)Japan (-)
Latvia (7)Jamaica (-)
Norway (9)

Numbers in brackets show the current ranking - based on results from the last  U19 WFC. Countries without rankings are participating in their first Women´s U19 WFC and will receive a ranking after the final round.

The last Women´s U19 WFC was held in May 2014 in Poland, with Sweden winning their 4th gold medal. Full results can be found here

Participating teams in Women´s U19 WFCs 2004-2014:

2004:  8 teams
2006: 11 teams
2008: 11 teams
2010: 12 teams
2012: 13 teams
2014: 13 teams

Photo: WU19 WFC 2014/M. Kozubal