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The Women´s Gold to Singapore after penalty shots – 14.06.2015

The set-up for the ladies final was as good as it could get, after Singapore beating Thailand with only 2-1 in the group.
The Thai put pressure on the Singaporeans from the start of the game fore checking high in the field, causing problems to the home team. Singapore tried to control the  game speed by only playing two lines on the court, but due to a unforced ball-handling mistake in midfield, Thailand´s Sunaree Theongkhunthod  was able to break away to score for Thailand. Xuan Yeo equalized the score with an accurate shot in the low corner of the goal, ending the first period with a draw 1-1.

Singapore ladies got into the driving sheet of the match early in the 2nd period after a good shot by Hui Hui Ong, with the Singaporean forwards completely blocking the view of the Thai goalie. The thai ladies didn´t get discouraged by the goal against them and continued building their attacks, which paid off again equalizing the score to two all. Singapore´s first line was however able to regain the lead after Debbie Poh was left unguarded to score 3-2 in front of the goal. Thailand created a number of really good opportunities, but Singaporean goalie Fariza Begum made a few real game-saves, denying any Thai goal, taking Singapore to the intermission in a 3-2 lead.

The interesting factor in the game was that Singapore were not able to use its technical superiority and could not match the speed and physical strength of theThai ladies. The Thai outrun the Singaporeans all the time and the Singaporeans started to look more and more tired. Especially the Singaporean defenders had huge problems to keep up with the speed of the Thai forwards.

The Singaporean Floorball living legend Jill Quek was close to close the match, when she fooled the entire Thai defense breaking through, forcing the them to faul against her, awarding Singapore a penalty shot. The penalty shot was taken by Hui Hui Ong, who lost control of the ball allowing the Thai goalie to save it easy. In the following power play, it was Thailands goalies turn to make some world class saves. Thailand survived the box play and immediately after returning to full strength were able to break through and equal the score to 3-3 by Thararat Duangporn. The Singapore coaches took a time-out with some eight minutes, trying to find ways to open the Thai defense. Despite numerous good chances for both teams the final went to extra time.

The extra time started with a very good free hit for Singapore, but then Thailand got their first power play of the match and created a number of chances, but there was always some Singaporean body part in front of the ball. Singapore was awarded a second bench penalty, but team Thailand was able to defend much better this time. With less than a minute to go of the extra time Thailand receives a two minute penalty, giving Singapore a real chance to score a power play goal. After a very peculiar incident, where the referees give a second penalty for playing lying down, Singapore was not able to score with 5 vs. 3, taking the match to a penalty shoot out.

Singapore won the penalty shoot out with 2 -1, with goals scored by Jill Quek and Natalia Wee and the Singaporean goalie Fariza saves the Thai fifth penalty shot.

Singapore Women wins the first official multi-sport event Floorball Gold medal in SEA Games 2015.

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