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Australia takes the spot in MU19 2015 WFC Final Round – 11.10.2014

The second game started today with less nerves from both teams and a more pressured approach from Australia which resulted in Australia scoring 3 times in the first 9 minutes. 451 spectators, which is a record number in Australia, saw an interesting match and witnessed Australia securing the spot in the Final Round, which will be played in Sweden in 2015.

At the 4.39 minute James Hollingsworth scored from a Andrew Hay pass at the 6.07 minute Daniel Gartner scored from a pass from his brother Tom Gartner then at the 9.02 minute Liam Kay scored from a pass from Aaron Murray. The quality of the Australia passing was far improved from game 1. The game was even for the next 8 minutes with Australia continuing to pressure the New Zealand team.

Eventually the pressure worked with  goals scored by Australia at the 17.07 and 17.27 minutes. The first one was scored by Tom Gartner from a pass from his brother Daniel Gartner and the seconds by Dylan Farquhar from a pass from Brayden Carr. Australia kept the lead at 5-0 at the end of the first period.

New Zealand scored an early goal at 21.21 minute in the second period with Oliver McLaren scoring from a Jared Solomon assist. New Zealand played the second period which much more pressure but were not able to turn the pressure into shots on goal while Australia had a number of shots saved but were not able to score until the 29.28 minute when Liam Kay scored his second goal from an assist from Christian Newland.

The score was then 6-1. Continuing good passing and pressure from Australia resulted in another goal at 34.43 minute when Australia took advantage of a Power play opportunity with a goal by Tom Delaney from an assist by Nicholas Yeoh. The second period ended 7-1 which reflected a lot higher pressure from New Zealand.

New Zealand increased the pressure up forward in the third period but were unable to beat the Australian goalkeeper Eythan Yeoh. Australia eventually scored at the 47.16 minute for its 8th goal and an end to the game. The goal was scored by Tom Gartner by a pass again from his brother Daniel Gartner (brotherly love was strong). New Zealand did not give up the effort and continued to fight the game out. Some good saves by the Australian goalkeeper occurred before the effort by New Zealand resulted in a final goal by Ethan Harper from an assist from Jared Solomon.

The final score was 8-2 in favour of Australia who have now qualified to the WFC U19 in 2015.

Best Players:

Australia: Tom Gartner
New Zealand: Matthew Bertschinger


An All Stars team was also selected as follows

Goalkeeper:Eythan Yeoh, AUS
Defenders: Dakoda Shaw, AUS, Tom Kibblewhite NZL
Centre: Daniel Gartner AUS
Forwards: Tom Gartner AUS, Nicholas Yeoh AUS