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Follow November Internationals Weekend – 04.11.2016

November Internationals Weekend will be played 4th-6th of Novemeber 2016.

You can access the IFF event pages (schedule, results, statistics) from the links below.

Euro Floorball Tour: Women & Women U19 (Schaffhausen, Switzerland)
4-6.11.2016 at BBC Arena
Teams: Czech Republic W & WU19, Finland W & WU19, Sweden W & WU19, Switzerland W & WU19
Streaming: www.swissunihockey.tv (Swiss German commentary)

Euro Floorball Tour: Men & Men U19 (Växjö, Sweden)
4-6.11.2016 at Fortnox Arena
Teams: Czech Republic M & MU19, Finland M & MU19, Sweden M & MU19, Switzerland M & MU19
Streaming: http://sports.livearena.com/Home/Index/?c=11

Stena Line Nationencup: Men (Lilienthal, Germany)
4-6.11.2016 at Sportzentrum Schoofmoor
Teams: Denmark M, Germany M, Latvia M, Norway M
Streaming: http://sportdeutschland.tv/floorball 

Denmark v Germany: Men U19 (Sønderborg, Denmark)
4-6.11.2016 at Hullehoj Hallerne
Teams: Denmark MU19, Germany MU19

International de France: Men & Women (Rouen, France)
4-6.11.2016 at Gymnase Saint Exupéry
Teams: France M & W, Spain M & W, Belgium M, Great Britain W, Netherlands M

Latvia v Estonia: Men U19 (Koceni, Latvia)
5-6.11.2016 at Koceni Sports Klub
Teams: Latvia MU19, Estonia MU19

Germany v Netherlands: Women (Mülheim, Germany)
5-6.11.2016 at Sporthalle Ludwig Wolker
Teams: Germany W, Netherlands W

Alps Adria Cup: Men (Villach, Austria)
5.11.2016 at Ballspielhalle Lind
Teams: Austria M, Italy M, Slovenia M

Austria v Italy: Men (Villach, Austria)
611.2016 at Ballspielhalle Lind
Teams: Austria M, Italy M