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Bronze medals for Indonesia in the SEA Championships – 21.12.2014

 The pre-tournament of the South-East Asian Games 2015 came to an end today in Singapore. The tournament was a success not only from an organizational point of view, but also served as an excellent showcase and test for the new countries to the International Floorball scene. Especially Indonesia performed really well, but also the Philippines showed huge development in the tournament.
The setting for the Women’s bronze game was quite clear, as the Philippines lost even their third goalie, so they had to replace her with another field player. Despite this the Philippines showed a really well developed game compared to the first in the tournament, despite the clear Indonesian victory 15-0.

The Indonesian Men took the bronze medals after a solid performance in a really intense game were the speed at times was almost too high. The Philippines men had developed most on their defending skills and had a really structured defense, forcing the Indonesians to shoot from far away. As the Philippines goalie played really well they could keep the numbers down. Especially the Philippines first line was capable to challenge the opponent with their structured attacks, but without the reward as the execution of the final pass or the shoot left some to show for. The high speed resulted in a number of penalties and penalty shots for both teams. Indonesia won 6-1, but Philippines made their best match so far and with a little better execution they could have made it really though for the Indonesians.

Overall both Indonesia and the Philippines gave a very good first impression and this will be very good for the SEA Games and they will both be able to enhance their play after this first introduction to the level of play in South-East Asia.