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Number of licensed players 2015 – 09.03.2016

Based on the 2015 statistics the number of licensed players was close to 310 000 in the end of 2015. The number of recreational players has increased dramatically due to the fact that more IFF member associations are collecting that information.

The growth in 2015 was bigger than during the previous year. According to the information received from the IFF member associations the exact number by the end of 2015 was 309 397 licensed players, which is 3 % more than in 2014.

Sweden growing the number

The number of licensed players in Sweden increased from 117 301 to 123 535, which also increased the total number. Finland also gained new players with the growth of almost 4 %.

The other IFF member associations have mainly been able to maintain the same number or have grown slightly. There are different systems in different IFF member associations to calculate the number of players. In some countries there are more players, but not all of them are licensed  

In Denmark, Germany and Latvia the number of players also increased a bit and in Asia the player number also continues to grow.

Recreational players

The number of recreational players has increased when more IFF member associations are collecting and providing the IFF with the figures. In the end of 2015 the number was a bit more than three million recreational players.

Floorball is also played as a school sports in several countries and those numbers are now more visible in the statistics. According to the information received by the IFF member associations the number of recreational players in 2015 is 3 054 144 when in 2014 the number was 1 256 030. Floorball is still also growing in more countries, but not all exact numbers are available.

10 biggest countries according to the number of licensed players

1. Sweden
2. Finland
3. Czech Republic
4. Switzerland
5. Germany
6. Norway
7. Denmark
8. Slovakia
9. Latvia
10. Russia

The total number of floorball players has increased with approximately 3 % and the number of floorball clubs practically remained the same.

The licensed player statistics can be found here.

Photos: IFF Flickr