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Number of licensed players still increasing – 20.02.2014

Based on the statistics received by the IFF for 2013 the total growth of licensed players is 1,6 % compared to 2012 (not all member associations have yet provided their statistics).

The growth is smaller as it was in 2012, but the number of licensed players and recreational players is increasing. The number of clubs has also increased. Floorball is getting closer and closer to having 300 000 licensed players as the current number is 297 347 licensed players (based on the received statistics).

India and Slovakia the fastest to grow

In India, the number of licensed players is constantly increasing based on a hard work done with the school all over India. In Slovakia the number of licensed players has doubled during the last four years.  

When taking the biggest countries into account the number of licensed players has increased in Czech Republic, Finland and Switzerland with 4 134. Switzerland reached the number of 30 000 licensed players for the first time in the history of Swiss Floorball. In Finland the growth was approximately 5 %.  

In Denmark, Germany and Latvia the number of players also increased and in Asia the player number in Korea keeps growing annually.   

Recreational players

It has been evaluated that there are over 2 million recreational players worldwide. However it is problematic to calculate the exact number, since the numbers are basically based on national sports surveyes and those are not made everywhere.

Floorball is also played as school sports in several countries but not all numbers are visible in the statistics. According to the information received by the IFF member associations the number of recreational players in 2013 is 1 256 030 but floorball is also growing in more places, but no exact numbers are available.

10 biggest countries according to the number of licensed players
Japan took the 10th place and dropped Russia to place 11.

1. Sweden
2. Finland
3. Czech Republic
4. Switzerland
5. Germany
6. Norway
7. Denmark
8. Slovakia
9. Latvia
10. Japan

The total number of floorball players has increased with 1,6 % and the number of floorball clubs increased by 1 % here.