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150 International matches for Mr. Anssi Silvo – 03.02.2018

Mr. Anssi Silvo, an international referee from Finland was awarded last night Valmiera during the WFCQ 2018 EUR3 before the match between Latvia and Iceland for reaching the number of 150 international games.

His first international matches took place in 2007 in the Women’s WFC qualification in Wolsztyn in Poland. At that time he had a different pair as he has today. They have been pairs with Mr. Andrew Lewis from the Men’s WFCQ 2010 in Poland on. Mr. Lewis’ number of international games is 108.

 The IFF head of the referees of WFCQ2018 EUR3 Mr. Reine Sjödin gave the award to Mr. Anssi Silvo

Mr. Silvo is the first international referee in Floorball who has reached the number of 150 international games. The whole international Floorball community is more than happy to congratulate him for this achievement.