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Withdrawal of a referee nomination for the WFC 2017 – 17.11.2017

The IFF Referee Committee unfortunately has to inform that the Swedish referee pair Ms. Therese Edin and Ms. Frida Nilsson has been withdrawn from refereeing at the upcoming Women’s WFC 2017.

The referee pair has not fulfilled the IFF Referee Committee criteria as they have not passed the IFF physical test. As they have not passed the required physical tests they have been suspended from refereeing in the Swedish highest league. The referees have therefore not, by the time of the WFC nominations were made, fulfilled the criteria for participating in the Women’s WFC 2017.

During this week it was brought to the attention of the person, who is in charge of the referee nomination proposals in the IFF office, that the referees had not passed the tests, despite the fact the referees had earlier confirmed to the IFF that they were clear for the WFC. In addition, they have only refereed three games during the season so far of the Swedish league before being suspended by the Swedish Floorball Federation in October 2017.

Therefore according to the IFF RC nomination policy, the IFF RC is forced to withdraw the nomination of Ms. Therese Edin and Ms. Frida Nilsson from the Women’s WFC 2017.

This is extremely unfortunate that Therese and Frida are not able to referee in the upcoming WFC 2017. The IFF RC has been put in a situation where they had no other option than to withdraw their nomination, due to fact that they were not fulfilling the needed criteria for refereeing in the WFC by the time they were nominated, says IFF secretary general Mr. John Liljelund.

The IFF RC has decided not to replace these referees and the tournament will be refereed with six referee pairs.

All questions related to this matter can be addressed to the IFF Secretary General Mr. John Liljelund.