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AOFC Referee Seminar – 06.02.2016

The AOFC Referee Seminar was held from 31st January - 5th February at Pattaya,Thailand in conjunction with the WFC 2016 Qualifications, and was led by Sami Rahikainen (FIN), Head of Referees for the qualification tournament.

Covered in the seminar was the importance of good referee communication and movement, and participants were also tested on game situations. Along with this, they were advised on how each referee can use the knowledge from this seminar to help in the development of potential referees in their home country.

In this photo, the referees are doing a communication exercise. In pairs, they sit with their back to each other, while one person, using only verbal communication,describes how to draw a picture, while the other attempts to follow the instructions.

Many of the attendees belong to the AOFC Referee Development Group, and as part of this group, Malaysian referee pair Kenny Khoo and Jaey Jetpuria (pictured on the right), were nominated to whistle for the game between New Zealand and Korea. They were chosen as they were the most experienced pair who had performed well in the referee seminar. It is the first IFF sanctioned game that the pair has officiated, and according to Rahikainen, the pair did a good job for their first game and controlled all situations very well. 

Attendee list:
Korea: Jong Suk Shin & Young June Lee
Malaysia: Kenny Khoo  & Jaey Jetpuria
Indonesia: Fajar Nurrohmanu Hidayat & Yongky Dwi Adi Priyanto
Singapore: Lee Hong Sheng Marcus & Owen Tan
Pakistan: Musleh Ud Din Malik
New Zealand: Simon Righarts
Australia: Peter Harris (Referee Observer)
Singapore: Sharil Ismail (Referee Mentor)