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WFCQ 2015 Referees & Observers – 20.01.2015

The IFF Referee Committee has nominated the referees and the referee observers to the Women´s WFC qualifications 2015. 11 referee pairs from eight countries are nominated for the WFCQ 2015.

A record amount of female referees are nominated for the WFC Qualifictions. Out of five international referee pairs, four will whistle at the WFCQ 2015.

There will be five separate qualifications played and the first one starts on Friday the 23rd of January and will be played in Melbourne Australia. The other qualifications will be played during the first week of February in Canada, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia.

Picture: Per Wiklund

Nominated Referees:


Bin Bin Lin / Carmen Teo SIN                                                                                        
Therese Edin / Frida Nilsson SWE

WFCQ 2015 Americas

Tom Kirjonen / Jyrki Sirkka FIN

WFCQ 2015 Europe1 in Poland

Martin Petrik / Tom Podlesny CZE                                     
Corina Wehinger /Sandra Zurbuchen SUI

Petr Seda CZE

WFCQ 2015 Europe2 in Latvia

Lucie Hejnova / Jitka Romancakova CZE
Juhani Kirves / Henrik Snellman FIN
Kaspars Kristapsons / Maris Kumerdanks LAT                                                       

Sami Rahikainen FIN

WFCQ 2015 Europe3 in Slovakia

Steffen Höjbjerg / Jens Skrubbeltrang DEN                                                                           
Teemu Rannikko / Petri Suhonen FIN
Ales Zorman / Andraz Zupancic SLO

Radek Hora CZE