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CB Meeting News 5/2017 – 12.12.2017

The IFF Central Board held its 5th meeting of the year in Bratislava 7th of December in connection to the 11th Women´s World Floorball Championships.

The CB discussed about the 4th IFF Associations´ Meeting and more info of that meeting can be found from here (Day 1) and here (Day 2).

CB members responsibilities
The six countries, Denmark, Germany Norway, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia participated recently in the 6 Nations tournament organised in beginning of November in Nitra, Slovakia. In connection to the 6NFT tournament, the six federations had a planning meeting and organised a small seminar on how to build their own Coaching Education structure.
The CB decided for the implementation of the IFF Development Officer for the AOFC. The idea is to conduct a test in 2018 with one country, most likely Korea where an IFF nominated mentor coach will focus on two main things, namely education of the National Team coaches, trying to Close the Gap on the Field of Play and educate the coaches to teach the local coaches. Based on this test, the IFF will then later decide to roll this out with two-three projects for 2019. The proposal has been approved by the AOFC and Mr. King has discussed with Korea.
The Canadian association has entered into a cooperation with the company Premier Floorball to spread and develop Floorball in North America, which is actually run by the same persons that are responsible for the organisation of the U19 WFC 2019 in Halifax, Canada.

Using the IFF YouTube livestream for reviewing goals will be tested in the WFCQ in Korea. Both referees and teams shall be able to request checking

Athletes Commission
The ATC has a strong wish to be more visible at the adult WFC’s to get a stronger image of the ATC and a stronger connection to the athletes they represent.
Athletes from the ATC could be involved with doping instructions, captains meetings and other promotional activities or information campaigns. In addition, the meeting can also be used to get more practical work done, like development of leaflets, IFF blogs, etc.

Development & Equality Ad Hoc group
A Floorball Development Seminar was held in Antalya in Turkey in the coaching and refereeing blocks from the 13th to 15th of October. There were altogether 50 participants, 20 in refereeing and 30 in coaching. The participants represented different regions of Turkey, also from the major cities Istanbul and the capital Ankara.
A local coaching and refereeing seminar was carried out in Indonesia in Bali from the 20th to 22nd of October. The original plan was to have participants from other countries, but due to the danger of a volcanic explosion in the island of Bali, the foreign participants cancelled their participation and the seminar was carried out for Indonesians. There were 25 participants altogether.
The IFF Secretary General carried out a Good Governance seminar in conjunction of the 6NFC in Nitra in Slovakia on 2nd of November. The program was meant for the representatives of the 6 nations and the main agenda was to help the six nations to develop a coaching education program in co-operation with other team sports and universities in their own countries based on the examples and experiences mainly from Finland. 

Development operations
IFF Office has created and published guidelines and instructions to the IFF member associations how to organize and apply for a Floorball Development Seminar. There have been some seminars organized with a very short preparation time and that doesn’t always serve the IFF’s nor the participants interests. The earlier the information exists, the more everyone gets out of the seminars. The idea is to plan the seminars well in advance and this secure as broad participation as possible.

Information operations
The IFF carried out the IFF GoGirls! Ambassador campaign in connection to the WFC 2017. The campaign includes an interview with one player of each participating national team. The main goal was to promote women in floorball and also the upcoming WFC. The plan is to continue the campaign throughout the WFC for example via video interviews and jumbotron add.

ParaFloorball information
A Special Olympics demonstration match was played on the Final day of the WFC. The Special Olympics also had their own seminar on Friday 8.12 and made a short presentation at the IFF Associations meeting.

Equality operations
The IFF organised a Women in Floorball Seminar on Thursday the 7th of December in connection to the WFC. Over 30 participants participated for the seminar, which during the morning session concentrated on Participation, with lecturers from Finland, France and Sweden. In the afternoon session the topic was Coaching, with both lecturers and video inserts.
The IFF will participate in the International Women in Sport Event in Botswana in May 2018, with Ms. Sarah Mitchell and the secretary general.

IFF Events

WFC 2016
The WFC 2016 highlights program has been broadcasted in 134 countries and on 7 networks, reaching a total of 190 million households.

Champions Cup 2017
The CC 2017 was a huge success, with a total of 12.609 spectators, and 8.944 unique spectators. The maximum number of spectators was 2.470 in the game between Falun – SPV, and the average number of spectators per game 1050,8 and both are new Champions Cup records.
The media situation was good, with 5 matches on the public channel 5 (TV5) in Finland, 4 matches on the Swedish TV4, two high-lights form Swiss Matches on SRF (SwissTV) and one game streamed live on the SRF web page. In addition there were eight games with English commentary on the Olympic Channel. The total number of spectators was around 3 million, with all the news broadcasts.
The CC web page had some 17.000 unique users, the Social Media posts had a reach of some 15,8 mill and the CC had some 2200 mobile app, compared to the TWG over 4000 users. The Social Media figures will only grow if the participating countries actively promote the event on their own channels, like was the case of The World Games. The YouTube channel had over 121,000 views and over 1,3 mill hours viewing.

EuroFloorball Cup 2017
The EuroFloorball Cup 2017 was played in Valmiera, Latvia 17-21.10.2017 with 6 Men’s and 6 Women’s teams.
Slevik IBK from Norway won the Men’s and SK98 Pruske from Slovakia won the Women’s tournament and received the IFF Victory Cheque of 5.000 CHF, even if they are not in position to participate in the

WFC 2017 Bratislava, Slovakia
Sportcal has renewed its way of conducting the GSI Research and will now include a number of on-site interviews of the LOC and the International Federation key persons. 
The TV production is made by the Slovak company ArenaSportTV, which also broadcasted all matches in their channels in Slovakia. All the matches from the WFC were produced with a 6+1 camera TV set-up in both the O.Nepelu and Hant Arenas. The TV signal was distributed to 10 countries IFF streamed all matches on its YouTube channels. The IOC Olympic Channel broadcasted a total of 19 matches, all with English commentary, where IFF was using Mr. Olly Hogben as the commentary.

WFC 2018 Prague, Czech Republic
The WFC 2018 qualifications will be played on Jeju Island, South Korea, Valmiera, Latvia, Tallinn, Estonia and two groups in Nitra, Slovakia, with a total of 33 teams.
A first draft of the match schedule for the final round has been made, in order to give the LOC the possibility to start ticket sales in December 2017. As the teams are not yet qualified for the event, the match schedule has been built placing the Czech team matches, with the comment that TV could still change the other matches and the Czech opponents.
The discussions with TV has been started by the Czech Floorball.