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IFF CB Meeting News 4/2017 – 17.09.2017

The IFF held its 4th meeting of the year in Espoo, Finland 16th - 17th of September.

Member Federations
The IFF Central Board approved Nigeria as a provisional member in its last meeting in Wroclaw on the 28th of July 2017. Due to the fact that the governmental and NOC registration process in Nigeria is relatively complicated the Nigerian Floorball Federation has now requested to change the governing body of Floorball in Nigeria to be the Floorball Federation of Nigeria (FFN), which is the organisation which also took part in the seminar in Cameroon. This is due to some misunderstandings in the process and general issues in the process of registration with the authorities in Nigeria.

Equality Operations
The Swedish Floorball Federation has contacted the IFF in order to run a workshop/seminar during the Women’s WFC in Slovakia in regards of Female Floorball and its promotion. Several coaches (both male and female) will be invited. The main topics will include the following: Presentation of established girl’s floorball programs, Coaching girls – how is it different, Starting from nothing – how to build a female floorball competition, Female referees – how to develop them and keep them, Females in management – what targets should Associations be aiming towards, What strategies can they put in place. The plan is also to try to tie together the GoGirls Ambassador project, where each team will nominate a GoGirls Ambassodor.

Development operations
IFF is in the process to enter into an agreement with the Finnish Kisakallio Sport Institute for Coaching education in China. The Kisakallio Sport Institute has signed an agreement with the Chinese government for export of Education Services in China, floorball is a part of this. The IFF render Kisakallio the right to use IFF materials for their educations and Kisakallio will build a three-level education system for coaching. Kisakallio is in the process to sign an agreement with CFF.

Development Seminars
In the end of September there will be a seminar organised in Uganda in the coaching block for the East-African member associations. Those will be Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. A coaching and referee block seminar of a more advanced level will be carried out in Shanghai in the end of September.
There is also a Development Seminar planned to take place in Antalya in Turkey in mid-October, but the number of participants is still open and that seminar has not been confirmed yet. In the end of October, a seminar with coaching and referee blocks will be carried out in Bali in Indonesia by AOFC educators from Singapore.

The World Games 2017
IFF has finished the first draft of The World Games report and has presented it to the CB. The IFF CB felt that it was very important for the IFF to create such an evaluation and the report will also work as an internal document for the IFF in the future. The CB members were really pleased that the report actually covered all the different aspects of The World Games. The IFF will also publish a news about The World Games facts and figures in the near future.

The IFF competition office have handled and approved the exemptions for the length of the and the number of players during Extra Time from Czech Republic and Denmark. The respective associations are to hand in a written report before the end of May 2018 to report the outcome.

The IFF RC has continued the co-operation with the Czech Open organizers regarding the IFF Referee Development group. Five referee pairs from Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Spain participated in the Czech Open tournament . For the first time this year, the Development Group Referees also participated in the Slovak Open.

WADA has published a draft 2016 Testing Figure Report and asked the international federations to verify the numbers. There were some tests missing from the floorball statistics, but they have been identified and the laboratory in question has submitted them in ADAMS, which is a web based database, which WADa is using. The final figures are: 397 tests in the sport of floorball in 2016. Of these, 124 were carried out in-competition and 173 out-of-competition. The IFF managed and ordered a total of 97 tests, while the rest were ordered by national anti-doping organisations, national federations and event organisers.

Upcoming IFF Events

Champions Cup 2017
During the Champions Cup IFF will test the use of team Media Attachés. Each team will be allowed to nominate one accredited media representative as their Media Attaché. This person will be given access to the team’s dressing room for each of their games – both prior to the match and afterwards. When the media attaché can access the dressing room and the amount of time that they can be there will be up to each team to decide themselves.

The Media Attaché will be issued with a regular media accreditation but with access to the team areas included. They will NOT be allowed access to the team bench area. They will not be counted as one of the team’s 7 officials.

The Champions Cup 2017 will be played in Seinäjoki, Finland. More information can be found on the official Champions Cup Webpage.

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EuroFloorball Cup 2017

The EuroFloorball Cup 2017 will be organized in Valmiera, Latvia 17-21.10 with 6 Men’s and 6 Women’s teams.
More information on the IFF webpage

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WFC 2017 Bratislava, Slovakia
The official WFC 2017 website has been launched together with the ticket sales. You can now buy your tickets and get all the information about the WFC 2017 in Bratislava at www.iffwfc.org

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U19 WFC 2018 St. Gallen, Switzerland
First Women’s U19 Qualification was played in Linz, Austria. Austria and Russia qualified and the groups for the Final Round are set.

More information about WU19 WFC 2018 can be found on the IFF Webpage.

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