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#Floorballchampion photo competition winners – 14.09.2015

The IFF Instagram competition #floorballchampion has now ended and the winners are settled.

IFF organised an Instagram picture competition called #floorballchampion 25.8-13.9. The aim was to post a picture on Instagram when feeling like a Floorball Champion and tag the photo #floorballchampion.

The sticks of four Swedish national team players: Johan Samuelsson, Martin Östholm, Karl-Johan Iraeus and Henrik Stenberg were the prizes. Östholm’s and Samuelsson’s sticks are also signed by them. Three pictures with the most votes and one lucky voter won a World Champion’s stick.

The picture with the most votes was posted by jjayjjay114 (left): “seasons of hard work went by with no medals or results. But this season, we chose to believe, to love everyone and every moment. And we went all the way. Photocredits: @gabyjeyy #floorballchampion”

The second most votes were given to coach_jjpaunil (middle): “Thank you @iff_floorball and @unihocfloorball for this! We are all #floorballchampion in this competition! :)”

Third most votes got storebror2003 (right): “scoring a goal always makes me feel like a champion even if I´m just playing with friends #floorballchampion”

The lucky voter who will get the last stick is Niklas McLeod.

All the winners and one lucky voter will be contacted by the IFF directly. The IFF wants to thank all the participants and voters as well as the partner UNIHOC who provided the sticks.

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