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Skala Melitopol 2018 Champions in Men and Women in Ukraine – 27.04.2018

The Ukrainian finals were played in Poltava on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of April. Skala Melitopol were triumphant in the Men’s and Women’s Championship.

The same teams as last year managed to get into the final of the Ukrainian Women’s Championship. FLC Yantar, with a 10:2 win versus Kyiv Floorball Club, and Skala Melitopol, who won their semi-final 9:6 against Skif Novij Rosdol, faced each other on Sunday 22.04. In the first period, Skala Melitopol had taken a 3-0 lead. After 40 minutes were played, Skala Melitopol were in a 5-4 lead. FLC Yantar tried hard to equalize the game in the third period but they didn’t succeed. In the end, Skala Melitopol won the match 6-4 and they had the honour to lift the trophy of the Women’s Ukrainian Champions 2017-2018.

MVP:    Elizaveta Galkina (Skala Melitopol)
Top scorer:    Vasyluna Kozak (Yantar)
Best defender:    Alina Zelena (Skif)
Best goalkeeper:    Lina Harchenko (Skala Melitopol)

Final standings:
1. Skala Melitopol
2. FLC Yantar
3. Skif Novij Rosdol
4. Kyiv Floorball Club

Skala Melitopol after a one-sided semi-final (15:6 vs. Kyiv Floorball Club) and Storm Ternopil after an exhausting semi-final (9:8 vs. Lemberg Lviv) played the final of the Ukrainian Men’s Championship on Sunday 22.04. After 13 minutes into the first period, Storm Ternopil led 5:1 but Skala Melitopol managed to even the score until the 15th minute of the game. After 20 minutes Storm Ternopil were in a 7-6 lead. The second period was not less exciting, Skala Melitopol turned the game and went to the second break with a 10-9 lead. In the last period, both teams went to their limit. The result of the heated atmosphere was a lot of penalty minutes. Skala Melitopol kept their upper hand, defending their title from last year with a 14-12 win and are the Men’s Ukrainian Champions 2017-2018.

MVP:    Andrey Semeniuk (Skala Melitopol)
Top scorer:    Stanislav Scherbakov (Storm Ternopil)
Best defender:    Michail Semeniuk (Skala Melitopol)
Best goalkeeper:     Dimitro Konstantinov (Storm Ternopil)

Final standings:
1. Skala Melitopol
2. Storm Ternopil
3. Lemberg Lviv
4. Kyiv Floorball Club

Beside the Men’s and Women’s finals FLC Yantar won the first league and for this reason they qualified for the Men’s Highest League 2018-2019.