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IFF GoGirls! Ambassador Mia Karjalainen (FIN) – 24.11.2017


This will be the 4th Women’s WFC with team Finland for Mia Karjalainen. The 29-year-old defender has played in the highest level in Finland since 2005 and has also spent two seasons in Switzerland. All in all, the ongoing season is her 22nd as she first picked up the stick when she was seven. Currently she plays for Finnish PSS (Porvoon Salibandyseura) and works part time as a social worker in Foster care for children. She is also writing her thesis in order to become a Master of Social Sciences.

How does Men’s Floorball and Women’s floorball differ in your country?
I like to think that women´s floorball is equal to men´s, but unfortunately men´s floorball is more appreciated in our country. More men´s games are showed in TV and there is more visibility in men´s floorball overall. Also, some men or all of them are getting payed for playing but women are lucky if they don´t have to pay for playing floorball. Otherwise I think that our national teams are quite equal so that´s something to be proud of.

How do you practice floorball?
We have 3 times a week a practice with the team and it includes a 1-hour physical like intervals or circuit training etc. and usually 1,5 hours of floorball. It is also important to have good warm up and cool down to prevent injuries. Then we do gym training and other kind of trainings independently at least once or twice a week depending about the games. We have a good conditioning coach, so we get help from her to know what our individual body needs. Some players need more speed and some recovery etc.

How did you become a national team player?
The key point was to work hard. When I was young I wasn´t the most talented player, but I really wanted to play and get better all the time. Then I got into the U19 Women´s World Championships in 2006 and there I decided to set my goal into the Women´s World Championships. Of course, it hasn´t been always easy and I have had some disappointments during my early career but after everything my first Women´s WFC was played in Switzerland 2011. Now it will be 4th time there in WFC and every time I´m more excited about the games. It´s an honour to get to play with the best players of Finland against the best players of the world!

What has been the most peculiar situation that has happened to you during a floorball match?
There have been so many small odd situations during the games! For example, my stick broke just before the first whistle in one game, so it was quiet, and I heard my stick cracked and then the audience started to laugh. But the most memorable moment was in WFC 2015 in Finland when the final started and the audience was asked to scream for the first minute of the game. And they did! It was cool but the players couldn´t hear anything during that minute :D not even themselves.

How will you prepare for the WFC?
I have been preparing the whole summer by training hard and wisely. I´m not the youngest player anymore so I have to take extra care of my body. But now everything seems good and I can´t wait for the WFC to start.
With the team we have been working the whole time since last WFC so it has already been a long road. Every time we get together we try to get our game and team spirit for higher level. First goal was qualifications in Italy where we had to earn our place in Bratislava. This summer we had two good training camps and had two tournaments during the fall. The closer we get to WFC, the more intensive our work is. Last but definitely not least, we are going to have a finishing camp in Dubai in the end of November. There the goal is to finish our tactics and most of all get a good feeling, body and soul, for all the players and staff. I think we´ll be ready to play the best floorball in Bratislava.