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EFC 2017: Slevik and Valmiera in the Men´s Final – 20.10.2017

The Norwegian team had trouble scoring yesterday, but those troubles were nowhere to be seen today as they dominated against the Estonian team EMU. Slevik controlled the match from the start with their fast passes and physical play. Even though EMU had a rather good last gasp effort, their five goals within the last eight minutes weren’t enough and Slevik won the match 10-5 and will play in the EFC Final.

From the very start Slevik were controlling the match. It only took them less than two minutes to score their opening goal. EMU had to rely on counter attacks, and they got a few rather dangerous ones. But the closest they got to scoring the goal was the goalpost. Slevik had several scoring chances, but it was only after the halfway of the period when #48 Thobias Hjorth had the ball, aimed closely and took an accurate shot which increased his team’s lead to 2-0. After the first period the score was 3-0.

The second period followed the same pattern. Slevik were dominating and EMU were simply trying to keep up. Both teams were rewarded a penalty shot during the period, but neither one of them succeeded and EMU still weren’t able to score as Slevik’s defence made sure of that. After 40 minutes Slevik were already in a safe 8-0 lead.

The third period was no different. Norwegian team showed their strength and kept on winning the one on ones and were controlling the ball. EMU’s first goal was seen halfway through the period. Team captain #77 Pavel Semenov scored a skilful goal from between his legs and decreased the score to 1-10. After this, EMU started to turn it around and proving that they can score. They amazingly scored four more goals as Slevik’s defence was mixed. But they started scoring too late and Slevik won the match 10-5. Slevik’s first line was rather efficient during the match as they scored seven goals.

Best players:
Slevik #23 Jonas Gustavsen Jonas
EMU #79 Roman Druzhininskiy

Ulbroka and Valmiera offered the spectators an entertaining thriller as both teams were keen on playing in the final. The match was even from the start and eventually went into overtime. The home crowd were cheering standing up as Valmiera scored the winning goal and won the match 5-4.

The match between Valmiera and Ulbroka was even from the start and both teams had several scoring chances. With 7 minutes on the clock Valmiera scored their opening goal as a shot bounced into the net from an Ulbroka player. With five minutes left of the period, Valmiera increased their lead to 2-0 and the home crowd went wild. Few minutes later Ulbroka decreased the score to 1-2 and not long after Ulbroka’s captain #6 Edzus Cedrins did a great individual effort and scored maybe the best goal of the tournament. Score was 2-2.

The second period was full of emotion. Valmiera took the lead at 27:40 during a delayed penalty and the reigning Latvian champion Ulbroka wasn’t happy. A few minutes later Valmiera got a chance to increase their lead via powerplay and for the joy of the home audience, they were efficient.

In the third period Ulbroka decrease the score to 3-4 and only few minutes later even the score to 4-4. The eventful third period had penalties and Ulbroka event got a penalty shot, but missed it. No more goals were seen during the third period and the match went into overtime.

The even battle continued during overtime and there were several scoring chances. The home audience got louder whenever Valmiera got closer to the goal and in the end the hero that made the spectators jump up was Valmiera’s #16 Aigars Belasovs. Valmiera won the match 5-4 and will face Slevik in the final.

Best players:
Ulbroka #88 Rolands Kovalevskis
Valmiera #16 Aigars Belasovs