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EF Challenge 2017 Team Presentations - Group A – 21.08.2017

Eight teams will compete in the Men’s category of The EuroFloorball Challenge (EFCh). The EFCh is played at the M-Šport Centrum in Trencin, Slovakia on the 23rd - 27th of August 2017.

The EuroFloorball Challenge (EFCh) is the championship tournament for European national club champions outside of those in Champions Cup and the EuroFloorball Cup.

In 2017, due to the number of registrations, only a men´s tournament will be held. 8 men´s teams from Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain will compete in two groups (4 teams in each group) and the winners of EFCh will qualify directly to EuroFloorball Cup 2018.

More information about the tournament can be found on the EFCh 2017 web page.

Team Presentations

Group A

Dunai Krokodilok SE

Dunai Krokodilok SE has been eight times the champions of Hungary. Their aim for the tournament is to qualify for the next round.

Players to watch

Tamas Bozso: Calm defender, player who rarely make mistakes, but has amazing and hard shots.

Tamas Hoffman: Young and talented player with super good shots. If he is on the mood to play he can make several goals during one match.

Norbert Ressely: The best shot in the team. Important two-way player and strong during the whole match.

#10 T. Bozso
#72 T. Hoffmann
#54 N. Ressely

Tsunami Zahorska Bystrica

Slovakian team Tsunami Zahorska Bystrica consists of young but skilledd players with several seasons in the highest Slovakian competition league Extraleague of Men. The aim of the team is to continue good performance from Champions season with the aspiration to advance to higher level in European competitions.

Players to watch

Maros Koval: Slovakian national team player, 1st position in Goals+Assists of Extraleague of Men 2016/2017

Oliver Kubasky: Slovakian national team player, 3rd position in Goals+Assists of Extraleague of Men 2016/2017

Martin Kubovic: Slovakian national team player, 5th position in Goals+Assists of Extraleague of Men 2016/2017

#11 M. Koval
#82 O. Kubasky
#8 M. Kubovic

FBC Skala Melitopol

Team FBC Skala from Ukraine is a young and ambitious floorball club and 7-time champion of Ukraine. Team´s aim for the EFCh is to gain important international experience for the development of their club and the entire Ukrainian floorball.

Players to watch

Andrii Semeniuk: One of the most professional floorball players in Ukraine with a lot of experience from international matches. Playmaker with a wonderful understanding of the game and individual skills.

Vitalii Honcharov: His speed and stamina can be envied even by the Formula 1 drivers. Physically strong, fast and technically gifted striker.

Oleksandr Semeniuk: Always reliable and always stable. The best goalkeeper of Ukraine in recent years.

#10 A. Semeniuk
#11 V. Honcharov
#1 O. Semeniuk

Great White Sharks

Great team spirit and amazing individuals makes this British team, Great White Sharks, a strong team. This will be their second time participating in the Euro Floorbll Challenge and their aim for the tournament is to get as much experience in the international games as possible.

Players to watch

Viktors Pockajevs: Forward who is always hungry to score and has a very fast and accurate shot.

Adam Saletti: Defender who is very fast and has extremely technical hands.

Miika Savolainen: The wall behind the team and he will make any opponents to struggle scoring against him.

#31 V. Pockajevs
#4 A. Saletti
#1 M. Savolainen

All team and player information is provided by the teams themselves and only edited by IFF