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TWG 2017: Sweden superior to USA – 28.07.2017

Team Sweden´s first match was rather efficient. They dominated the match against USA with a score 20-0.

It was the first appearance from Sweden in The World Games 2017. Team USA had to come up with a new tactical plan and concept after their heavy defeat against Switzerland yesterday. Even the tactical plan for one of the US line got changed, it took only 100 seconds until the Swedish Team opened their score with Johan Samuelsson. In this first period the Swedish team didn’t stop for a second and were rolling like a wave after wave onto the goal from Team USA. Out of their 24 shots they managed to score 9 times.

There was no difference in the second period. It was only the Swedish team which was powering on one goal. This one way floorball show resulted in another 5 goals for the team from Scandinavia. Team USA was sometimes dangerous with their break-aways but other than that there wasn’t too much countable.

The story of the last period isn’t different than in the first two periods. Team USA tried to defend in the best possible way but just were outclassed by their opponents from Sweden. Sweden didn’t slow down their pace despite having a second game on the same day. Team USA will prepare for the clash on Saturday for 5th ranking spot.

Best players:
#3 Alexander Miller (USA)
#17 Rasmus Enström (SWE)

Watch the interview with Johan Samuelsson (SWE) and Mikko Vähä-Vahe (USA) below: