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TWG 2017: Switzerland dominated the match against USA – 27.07.2017

Team Switzerland showed that they are ready for their other opponents in The World Games Floorball tournament. The Swiss gave no mercy to Team USA and took a clear victory with 17-0.

Photo: Adam Troy

Team USA tried their best to control the Swiss attack, by setting up a low defence already from the start of the game, but had to face the fact early, that the Swiss players were able to build one scoring opportunity after the other. The Swiss took the lead early with a few fast goals and forced USA even more on the defence. USA had a few good counter attacks, but were unable to score a first goal. The big difference between the teams was the level of game transition, as USA were mostly not able to control the ball after having received it. Switzerland closed the match already in the first period with a 6-0 lead.

In the second period USA became even more static and dropped their defence really low, giving the talented swiss the opportunity to score beautiful goals from the line. The passing of the Swiss was superior and the Americans were forced to just admire the speed the ball traveled around them. Seven goals were scored in the second period all by the Swiss, giving them a 13-0 lead.

The third period was merely a formality and the Swiss also slowed down their activity and the game ended 17-0 for the Swiss. The American second goalie Keven Glanzmann made 21 saves and some really good ones. But the players of the match were the very experienced Swiss captain Matthias Hofbauer, who scored 3 goals and 3 assists, well supported by Patrick Mendelin (3+2) and the defender Luca Graf (3+1). The best American was Mattias Hansen, who fought bravely in the American defence.

The Swiss are clearly ready for the Swedish tomorrow and there will be an interesting match on who will have to meet the Finns in the semi-final.

Best players:
#19 Matthias Hofbauer (SUI)
#11 Mattias Hansen (USA)

Watch the interview with Matthias Hofbauer (SUI) and Stefan Zimmerman (USA) below: