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TWG Player Interview: Hofbauer – 30.06.2017

Matthias Hofbauer is a floorball legend. The Swiss national team player is one of the most experienced players in the international floorball scene as well as one of the top players. During the World Floorball Championships in Riga last December, he became the all time WFC top scorer with 90 points.

  Matthias Hofbauer
Player number: 19
Current position: Forward
Grip: right
Height: 173
Date of birth: 22.05.1981
Country of birth: Switzerland
Current Club: SV Wiler-Ersigen

How does it feel to be part of the national team?
It’s always a pleasure to be here. We had some changes before the last tournament but now it looks like there’s a new generation so it’s cool to be a part of that one.

What is your role in the national team?
Right now I’m chosen to be one of the captains. We have a pretty young squad, so I’m certainly there to take responsibility and maybe stay calm when it’s getting a little bit tougher. So, I’m just trying to bring my experience to the team.

How does it feel to be playing at TWG?
It’s exciting. It’s a totally new experience. We have never been a part of this tournament, so it’s going to be great to be there. In a way it’s kind of the Olympic character so of course every player is excited about that. Then we’ll see how it will look like. It’s a huge goal and it’s cool to have something important with the national team during the summer time. It’s certainly going to be fun.

Who would you say is your toughest opponent at TWG?
Hard to say as it looks now, it’s still Sweden and Finland who are a little bit better than the rest of the world. But we always look forward to new chances and I think there’s a new one coming at The World Games.

How did you start playing floorball?
Where I grew up, there were a lot of players playing floorball. We always played some street hockey and also football, but it was always more fun to play some kind of hockey. I grew up very close to a small town called Wiler an I’ve played there almost all my life. It’s cool that this small town got so huge in floorball.

What has been your most memorable floorball moment so far?
There are many of these. Certainly, one special moment was the championships at home in 2004, when it was a breakthrough for me in the national team and since then I’ve had an important role in the national team.

Who do you look up to? Any idols?
There are many. During the years I’ve been able to play against many top players. Of course, I have to say Tatu Väänänen, he’s always been a great player who shows the way to others. Then internationally speaking, I’m impressed by Emil Johansson who is a great player in Falun and also Ketil Kronberg, there are many players to choose from.