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Liljelund elected to ARISF Council – 04.04.2017

The IFF secretary general Mr. John Liljelund has yesterday been elected to the Council of the Association of IOC Recognised International Sport Federations (ARISF) with the highest number of votes in the ARISF Annual General Meeting in connection to the SportAccord Convention in Aarhus, Denmark.

This is a breakthrough for the IFF, as this is the first position in an international umbrella sports organization for Floorball and it will open a lot of new possibilities for our sport. It will also give us access to a number of tables, which we have not before been a part of.
- I would like to congratulate John for a well-run successful election campaign and the election, says the IFF President Tomas Eriksson.

ARISF Council (2017-2020) left to right: Schödel, Fraccari, Rhone, Chiulli, Arzhanova, Liljelund

The ARISF Council will for the period 2017 – 2020 consist of the following persons:
President:                                      Raffaele Chiulli, Powerboating President
Vice President:                            Anna Arzhanova, Underwater sports President
Secretary general:                      Susan Schödel, Air Sports secretary general
Members:                                      Roberto Fraccari, Baseball-Softball President
                                                           Molly Rhone, Netball President
                                                           John Liljelund, Floorball secretary general

The ARISF is an organization consisting of the 37 IOC recognized International Sport Federations. The tasks of the ARISF Council is to develop the services of ARISF to its members and enhance the position of the ARISF member federations toward the International Olympic Committee and the SportAccord.
It is an interest organization of the IOC recognized federations. The Council will in the coming years work with three main questions trying to find more support, both financially and politically from the IOC towards the ARISF members, lay down a strategic plan for how the ARISF IF’s should be incorporated in the general sports community and try to build the finances of the ARISF, not to be only depending of the IOC.

- It is a great honour and challenge to be on the ARISF council, as it will give a very good insight in the development of the International Sports movement, with yearly meetings with the IOC and SportAccord.
I look forward working in the ARISF council to enhance the position of the recognized sports, Floorball very much included
, Mr. Liljelund concludes.

The Association of IOC Recognised International Sport Federations (ARISF) is the world authority regrouping all IOC Recognised International Sport Federations. Currently the association counts 37 International Sports Federations: Air Sports, American Football, Automobile, Bandy, Baseball/Softball, Basque Pelota, Billiards Sports, Boules Sports, Bowling, Bridge, Cheerleading, Chess, Cricket, Cheerleading, DanceSport, Floorball, Flying Disc, Karate, Korfball, Lifesaving, Motorcycling, Muaythai, Climbing and Mountaineering, MuyaThai, Netball, Orienteering, Polo, Powerboating, Racquetball, Roller Sports, Ski Mountaineering, Sport Climbing, Squash, Sumo, Surfing, Tug of War, Underwater, Waterski/Wakeboard, Wushu. ARISF represents, through its Members, many hundred million individual members and billions of fans all over the World.