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Floorball leagues in Spain – 31.03.2017

The Women’s National Championships will be held this weekend in Spain and the Men’s semi-finalists are set.

Reigning champions CDE Valle

During the upcoming weekend, the Spanish Women’s National Championships will be played. Four teams have qualified for the tournament: CUF Leganes, CDE Valle, Floorball Escorial and CUF Las Rozas. Last season CDE Valle won the final against CUF Leganes 5-2.

The tournament schedule will be as follows:
Saturday Semi-finals
16:00 CUF Leganes vs CUF Las Rozas
19:00 CDE Valle vs Floorball Escorial
15:00 Bronze match
18:00 Final

Reigning champions CUF Leganes

In the Men’s league, the top four that qualified for the semi-finals was decided last weekend. The top four are CUF Leganes, Floorball Escorial, Fenix San Lorenzo and CDE Valle. CUF Leganes are the reigning champion. Last season they defeated Floorball Escorial 6-3 in the final.

PTS = points, J = Matches, G = Wins, E = Ties, P = Losses, GF = Goals scored, GC = Goals scored against, DG = Goal difference

The semi-finals will be played with a best of three system. The semi-final pairs are:
CUF Leganes vs CDE Valle
Floorball Escorial vs Fenix San Lorenzo

Semi-finals will be played 6/7, 13/14 and if needed 20/21 of May. The final will be played either the 18th or the 27th of May.