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Ukraine Open 2018 results – 19.06.2018

8th edition of the international tournament Ukraine Open was played a few weeks ago.

Ukraine Open 2018 was played 7-10 of June in the city of Lviv. This year more than 70 teams from 8 countries took part in the Ukraine Open. Also referees from 7 different countries refereed in the tournament.

Results (top three)

1. Goal Diggers (Latvia)
2. Skif (Ukraine)
3. Yantar (Ukraine)

1. Storm Ternopil (Ukraine)
2. Gruppe Frosch (Switzerland)
3. Vulcan Rivne (Ukraine)

Men Elite
1. Team Riga (Latvia)
2. Flaming Marshmallows (Latvia)
3. Fatpipe (Latvia)

Also, during the tournament, a friendly game between U19 Men’s National Team of Ukraine and Slovakia was played at Halychyna Sport Complex in front of enthusiastic home crowd. The game was livestreamed on IFF YouTube channel and on Xsport, a National Sports Channel in Ukraine. The final score was Ukraine 5 - Slovakia 13.

Official after video of Ukraine Open 2018