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Floorball tournament in Savannakhet, Laos 2018 – 05.04.2018

Floorball is a relatively new sport in Laos and it came to Laos through Fida with the help of the donations of equipment made by the International Floorball Federation in the year 2014.

This year was the fifth year in row, that the tournament was organized by Savannakhet Provincial Education Department, teachers and the Fida International team. It was held at the National Indoor Stadium in Savannakhet, Laos. There were 242 students who participated, 94 of them were girls and from all the students 17 teams were made.

The tournament was again a great success this year, the participants loved it. The popularity of the sport has grown rapidly. Floorball is suitable for both girls and boys and it also gives girls a good opportunity to play sports. Nongbuatha team succeeded in winning the boys’ tournament and SOS Children’s village was the best girls’ team with a big lead to the other teams.

We were able to get an interview from one of the participants who was playing in the Savan Centre team.
- I loved to play in the tournament and the atmosphere was positive and warm spirited. The only problem was that there was no rink, so the game was discontinuous because the ball flew outside of the playing zone many times.

The participating teams were, for boys: Oudomvilay, Huameaug neua, Savan Centre, Sounantha, Naxeng, Sabuxay, SOS Children’s Village, Phonsavangtai, Jomkeo and Nongboutha. For girls: Oudomvilay, SOS Children’s Village, Nongboutha, Sounantha, Sonxai, Naxeng and Sabuxay.

The students are waiting for the next tournament which is in September and it is for people who are in High school.