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Floorball Final4 – Biggest German Floorball Event – 02.03.2018

The Floorball Final4 will be organised in Berlin, Germany 16th – 18th of March and it’s hoped to become the biggest floorball event in Germany yet.

Sömmeringhalle in Berlin will host one of the biggest floorball events ever taken place in Germany. The Floorball Final4 will be played 16th-18th of March and it includes both the semi-finals and the finals of the national Men’s and Women’s floorball league. And that’s not all, the event will also consist of workshops, youth competitions and lot more. The goal is not only to boost the national and regional development of floorball in general, but also to set a new attendance record by welcoming more than 2000 visitors to the final games. For the first time, the event is also aiming to attract foreign floorball fans.

- Tickets to Berlin are cheap and easy to get, accommodation as well. A great occasion to discover one of the world’s most vibrant metropoles and enjoy some gourmet floorball show off the usual Scandinavian, Swiss or Czech floorball paths, says one of the organisers Jan Kratochvil.

The competition among sports is rough in Germany’s capital but Kratochvil sees it as an excellent opportunity.  
- Hosting this event in Berlin is not only a very ambitious enterprise, it’s also a great chance. Ambitious, because the German capital is home to more than 130 elite teams in various sports, including basketball, handball, volleyball, ice-hockey and of course football. There is hardly a tougher local competition than here. But there´s also a great chance, as this city is kind of a magnifying glass. If you make it here, the echo sounds all over the country, says Kratochvil

Under the patronage of the Swedish Embassy, the event is being organised by the German Floorball Federation (Floorball Deutschland) together with the regional Floorball Federation of Berlin-Brandenburg (FVBB) and the local Bundesliga club of BAT Berlin. As the co-organizer BAT Berlin is qualified for the semis of the Men’s competition. In 2017 the team reached the cup final against the German Champion Weißenfels, came back from a 0-4, but lost in overtime 5-6.

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