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Ukrainian Championships second round results – 02.01.2018

The second round of the Ukrainian Championships has been played and FBC Skala Melitopol seem to be the favourites.

After the second tour of the Ukrainian Championship 1-3 December 2017 in Lviv, it is clear that FBC Skala Melitopol is coming out as the winter champions even though they lost to Lemberg on a late sudden death goal.
In the first game Skala managed to hold on to the first spot in the table. Behind FBC Skala Melitopol and Lemberg are Storm, Nadiya and Kyiv Floorball Club who fight for the valuable 2 playoffs spots. In the bottom of the table Hope, Vulcan and New Life are all trying to survive and avoid relegation.

Current standings:

Next tour is played on the 26-28th of January in Lutsk and the playoffs will take place in Kyiv on the 20-22th of April.